Drizzt and Nubhugs Battleblock Theater Episode 1 This Saturday!


Join me and @Nubhugs Saturday 4/4 at 1230 for a few hours of Battle Block Theater, hear us bicker and squabble over who’s going to be sacrificed (hint nubs is the first sacrifice) This will also be the only time you’ll get to see me with facial hair for another 2 years. Come bring your fun selves and enjoy a nice afternoon of gaming.


Are you gonna loss again? Because that makes the commentary more interesting. The excuses make the show.


There will not be loss, only blame. If I go down, Drizz will too.


I’m back btw, just got back like 10 minutes ago… so happy to be back in VA… not… lol, btw… not cool @Dynamible, not cool man…


:dickbutt: FYI not missed. :dickbutt:


Is this on Steam? or some kind of console?


We’re gonna be doing it on steam.


It’s a few years old, starting on Xbox360 but now a “complete” edition on Steam


Darn it, I think I missed it. Sorry guys. Saturday ended up being a lot busier than I expected. :frowning: