Druid Speculation by Wooden Potatoes



So I watched Wooden Potatoes’ video about the Druid teaser and he had some pretty good speculation about what exactly Druid might be.

One of the theories is that Druid may gain the ability to “Attune” to different facets of nature, much like the Elementalist Attunes to the elements. This coupled with the fact that some “Glyph” icons were data-mined a while back and they were not used for the Tempest makes it a pretty solid theory that the druid may be a kind of nature themed mage.

But my personal favorite of his speculations, was the theory that the druid may be able to interact with their pet in a new way. MOUNTING! He speculates near the end of the video that the pet shown in the teaser artwork is not a pet we currently have access to and is quite large. That plus the fact that in the Maguma Jungle there are several new types of enemies that have the mechanics to ride mounts makes the theory just this side of plausible. I think this is most likely not the case but I would love to see druids riding around on their pets and using their pets to charge enemies and such, it would be awesome! But I’m not holding my breath.

Also, I’ll leave this here for your enjoyment.


Yeah i watched this video and was interested in his speculations but i’m not getting my hopes up for anything. All i can hope and pray for that it will add something incredible to the rangers arsenal.


Your hopes sound up.


More of a prayer than anything but to clarify i wasn’t getting my hopes up to get anything listed in the wooden potatoes video. They all sound good but speculations don’t do much for me right now. Just want an awesome class but i’m waiting for disappointment.


Ah, the inevitability of being a Guild Wars Ranger. It doesn’t even matter which game. Got an awesome skill or build? Don’t worry, they’ll nerf it because another class or team comp is abusing it and keep you down in the dirt with your pets (and you’ll like it ;))