Drunk gaming every night all night



Hello Im known as the drunk gamer i do drunk every night all night and stream my drunk shenanigans and banter


How have you managed to prevent a downward spiral of self-loathing in unproductivity with combining two activities normally associated with wasting time?


easy i have a life outside of video games and do what i need to do during the day then at night its my time


plus taking breaks also helps


Oh, you were being serious. Sorry, I thought you were joking. You actually get drunk every night, all night?


lol well not everynight i gotta take a two days off but yea usually when im on im drinking


drinking != drunk


No… Nope…

This is not my pirate alter ego. This is actually a legic different person!

@DrunkGaming Welcome to the cave! Have fun, go crazy and try not to break anything.

I love playing while drinking. I just do it on the weekends!


Welcome to Strats! I’d offer you :beers:, but I’m guessing you already grabbed them yourself?


Avid drinker here as well. as long as i got some stocked i’m drinking, although not much on the weekdays, maybe a glass or 2. Whats your preferred drink of choice? I always got a nice bottle of four roses small batch for my gaming sessions, gota have it neat. Nothing like relaxing while your gaming.


Welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:

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