Dual/multi displays


Currently I am using a 27" monitor for my PC. I think it works well and I’m very happy with the display size.

I have just upgraded to a new desk with much more surface area. I am considering adding a second monitor solely for the purpose of looking up website/forums while gaming, VoIP/chat programs, etc. Essentially to keep me from having to minimize my game while playing.

I have never used a multi-monitor setup before. Could anyone give me some advice for this? I would be considering a much smaller display, probably around a 20" or so just to fit in the corner of the workspace (L-shaped desk). It most likely would not be going beside my current 27" display.


No real advice on it; just make sure your graphics card supports it. The only other thing you’ll want to watch is native resolutions. If the native resolution for the two monitors is different, even if you set them both to 1920 x 1080 you’ll have this weird invisible lip that your mouse will get stuck on constantly.

Outside of that, dual (or more) displays is amazing, and totally worth it. You get used to it though, so be prepared if you work in an environment that only has a single display! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d say it’s totally worth it man, i’m rocking the dual monitors as well and it makes everything so easy to be able to do stuff while playing games. just remember most of your games will have to be played in windowed, or borderless modes so you can scroll onto your second monitor.


To be honest, if you have the real estate on your desk to support a second 27" monitor, I’d go for that. I know you’re intention is to get a smaller monitor to put to the side, but I suspect that once you get a second monitor, you’ll realize that you’ll use it for a lot more then initially intended and regret buying a small monitor. Beyond that, the resolution / screen sizing may throw you off when going from one monitor to the next.

Also keep in mind that if you’re gaming, unless the game supports a Full Screen Windowed mode, you’ll still need to minimize the game to change anything on the second screen, although yes it’s nice to be able to see what’s going on there without minimizing.

What’s your current monitor anyways?


This, all day long; I’ve got a 23" secondary monitor and my want for a larger one is so high.


I am currently using an ASUS VG278HE. It’s a 27" 144Hz “gaming monitor”. Newegg had a great deal on them about a year ago because I bought mine for about $100 less than what they are currently priced.

The way the desk is made there’s no way I could have two 27" monitors in front of me. There just isn’t enough depth to the desk; pretty sure I would have to keep moving my eyes left-to-right to see everything. I had hoped to just glance over to the corner when I need to look up a website or something.

I guess I should consider how many of my games support a windowed mode.


Well you by no means need to get another one of those as it’s a pretty pricey investment. I’d still recommend to look into at least a nice 24" monitor.

If you have a spare monitor laying around (even if it’s a shitty one), grab that, hook it up and see how it works for you. Again, you’ll come to realize you rely on it more then just a quick glance or two. I recently moved in with my gf and we share a desk for our computers, so I no longer have the space for two monitors so I’m just down to a single 24" BenQ. Sometimes the single monitor is fine, but I’m always finding times where it’d just be awesome to have that second monitor. I recently got a Nexus 9 so I pair that up next to me which helps alleviate that issue slightly.

As for the whole windowed mode. A lot of games support it, very few do it right. Biggest problem with it is the fact that they don’t do borderless window mode which shoves the screen down an inch hiding the bottom inch of your HDU and causing your entire screeen to be slightly off center. Not sure if games have gotten better with this as I’ve slacked off on my PC gaming for the past year or so.


I’ve held off on this for a month. I think I’m finally ready to proceed. I will likely be getting a 24" to go alongside my 27".

However one last concern finally came up. My 27" is a 144Hz refresh rate and the new monitor will be 60Hz. Does anyone know of any problems that might come up if I am only using the 24" for web browsing and such? I won’t be stretching games across both monitors.


To my knowledge @teh_ninjaneer you shouldn’t have any issues. I use a newer Samsung 24" monitor with around that refresh rate(can’t remember exactly) and I run an OLLLLLLLD Dell 17" Monitor(Yeah I know I need a bigger one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) for over 2 years and I never have had 1 problem with my dual monitors.

I will admit one thing that does get kind of frustrating at times, is I seem to have troubles sometimes playing games in Fullscreen mode and the dual monitor. For some reason apparently certain games don’t support dual monitors and it will black out the second monitor in FullScreen mode. Obviously this is easily solved by switching it to windowed, but It slows my game down some.