DVORAK keyboards?


I’ve considered getting one in the past, not for gaming, but for typing, does anyone have one of these. Does anyone use anything other than QWERTY?


The thing that’s always kept me away from it is the learning curve; how long would it take me to be as proficient or better on one than I am on the QWERTY layout I’ve been using my entire life? What kind of a commitment would I be looking at to make the transition? Even then, how awkward would the transitions be between the two depending on the situation (at work, gaming, etc.)? For me, it’s not something I feel would be worthwhile; I bring these thoughts up as things to consider if you haven’t already in your decision-making process.

Light reading on the matter (especially light if you go into the sources cited ;)):


I’ve considered it several times over the past decade and never taken the plunge, every once in a while I just get the hankerin for something different


But think of all the passwords you won’t be able to type anymore and have to change, like 1q2w3e4r5t and 1qaz2wsx :wink:

Shoutout to DoD password requirements (you lot that made the 90 day rule suck ass)


'a,o.epuyi and 'a;,oq.ej too easy… this message brought to you by touch screen keyboard with superior layout… apparently DVORAK comes with windows, who knew. Switching back and forth is super easy, now I just need some keyboard stickers…


MOL needs you to update your password, again.

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seriously though, mine’s about to expire…


I don’t think I’ve ever longed for a different keyboard style.

I wasn’t even aware there was an alternative to QWERTY and I took two years of keyboarding in high school (county champ at the tournament; gaming is cool, kids!). How would I WASD if I switched?


Same. I feel like we’re in the majority… lol


@Philspaz - If you go through with it I’d get one for home, and one for work to keep your typing experience consistent between places.


Meh, whatever, just trying curious if we have anyone here who uses it. I’ll get some keyboard stickers for one of my cheap keyboards and mess around with it for a couple of weeks. [quote=“Bradum, post:9, topic:11046”]
Same. I feel like we’re in the majority… lol
I’m about 1000% sure you are

it takes like 2 secs to switch your keyboard back to qwerty

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lol looks like you are learning fast! haha

I experimented with DVORAK keyboards back when I started my Comp Sci degree because I found out it was actually more efficient. So I bought the stickers and put them on my keyboard. The ONLY reason I stopped was because the stickers were too thick and I couldn’t feel the F & J buttons like you can on regular keyboards. I never knew how much I depended on that little lip on both of those buttons. I think if you were going to really attempt to do this, buy a full DVORAK keyboard. I’m not even sure if you can purchase such a thing, but I’m def not putting stickers on my $120 Razer keyboard. I would like to revisit this some day however. I think it would be cool to be fluent in both. I’ve already been using QWERTY for the 15 years I’ve been typing so I doubt it would be hard to go right back to QWERTY when needed.


WASD Keyboards sells old style mechanical key boards with cherry my switches and they give you quite a bit of costimization options one of witch is a dvorak layout