Dying Light January 27th


Dying Light comes out the 27th, anyone playing? Looking for some folks kill zombies with.


A game release is certainly not off-topic, changing to general.


I’ve heard a lot of great things about this game. They were talking about adding multiplayer for a long time though.


@Dynamible not sure about the multiplayer, but in the game there will be four players at a time playing in a open world environment; i think. @Vocino thanks, was not sure of the category.


I plan on picking this up for PS4… I’ve never played a zombie video game before. I will slay zombies with you


Awesome; user name = psn


Yeah manedude I cannt wait that shiz is gonna be dope yo


I’ll be logging on around 5/6c after work, I’ll look for or start a party.


Apparently I had preordered this from Amazon at some point. Just got the shipping notification. welp


I picked this up last minute as well. Hopefully catch some of you all online later this evening.


I grabbed it this morning, played a little and it seems pretty fun. Probably more so with co op though.


I’ve been holding off on this until I hear some reviews from you guys. What’s the verdict? How’s the co op gameplay? Gimme the down low!!


The reviews are few and far between because they were really sketchy about it. Here’s an ok gameplay review with video (PS4): http://www.gamespot.com/articles/dying-light-review-in-progress/1100-6424927/


Spent some time playing coop with DJ tonight and it was pretty fun. It’s definitely better with more people even though the coop is a bit half assed. You play as the same character and have to have everybody together to advance any quests. Single player will probably get boring fairly fast, but having the coop will make up for that I think.


Thank you @Biggles7268. I will see if I can fit it in to my game rotation!


I’ll be on after 3c if any one wants to join in. Haven’t opened co-op yet, hope to today. There sure is a lot to explore and lots of loot to look for. Was only able to play for a couple hours, fun stuff; brutal zombie kills.


I might pick this up on PS4 this Friday, as of late I’ve been playing on my Xbox One. Things might start changing as I’m just tired of seeing bad performances with games on the One. Feel free to add me on PSN: TheKuses


Honestly don’t think I’m going to be picking this game up, just not too big on zombie games and this one isn’t wowing me.


Not to mention Dead Island sucked.


Tell us how you really feel.

So according to some people, Dying light is good because previous zombie games are bad? The bar is so high I can’t even see it anymore.