E3 - Total Coverage



I wanted to list all the E3 threads together.

(Just as a way to compile things in case visitors trickle in and want to see the discussion in it’s entirety.)

Schedule below, all times in PDT. Watch LIVE on Twitch.


8:30am: Early Morning Preshow
9:30am: Xbox Media Briefing
11am: tinyBuild
11:30am: Larian Studios
12:00pm: Adult Swim Games
12:15pm: Devolver Digital
1:00pm: EA Media Briefing
2:30pm: Nintendo
3:00pm: Ubisoft Press Conference
4:00pm: Harmonix: Rock Band 4
4:30pm: 13AM Games: Runbow
5:00pm: Psyonix Studios: Rocket League
5:15pm: Studio Wildcard: ARK: Survival Evolved
6:00pm: PlayStation Press Conference


9:00am: Nintendo Digital Event
10:00am: Square Enix Conference
11:00am: Ubisoft
12:00pm: Deep Silver
12:30pm: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
1:00pm: Xbox
1:30pm: Activision
2:30pm: EA
3:00pm: Square Enix
3:30pm: Nintendo
4:00pm: Activision
4:30pm: PlayStation
5:00pm: Activision
5:15pm: 2K
5:30pm: Wrap-up


10:00am: Capcom
10:30am: EA
10:45am: TBA
11:00am: Square Enix
11:15am: Ubisoft
11:30am: PlayStation
11:45am: Activision
12:00pm: EA
12:30pm: Xbox
12:45pm: TBA
1:00pm: Xbox
1:30pm: 2K
2:00pm: Square Enix
2:15pm: Devolver Digital
2:30pm: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
2:45pm: Activision
3:15pm: PlayStation
4:00pm: SEGA
4:15pm: TBA
4:30pm: TBA
4:45pm: EA
5:00pm: Paradox Interactive
5:15pm: AlphaDraft
5:30pm: Wrap Up


10:00am: Blizzard
10:15am: Frictional Games
10:30am: SONY
10:40am: Disney Interactive
11:00am: TBA
11:15am: tinyBuild
11:30am: Indie Mega Booth
11:45am: TBA
12:00pm: Indie Mega Booth
12:15pm: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
12:30pm: PlayStation
1:00pm: Xbox
1:30pm: Stoic
1:45pm: TBA
2:00pm: Square Enix
2:30pm: Konami
2:45pm: Blizzard Entertainment
3:00pm: EA
3:15pm: Nintendo
4:00pm: Wrap Up


  • [Star Wars - Battlefront][2]


  • [Dishonored 2][3]

  • [The Division][4]

  • [Fallout 4][5]

  • [For Honor][6]


  • [Mass Effect: Andromeda][7]

  • [Destiny (The Taken King)][8]

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Whaaatt! My only regret is that I have but one :heart: to give. Great post!


Hehe perfect timing was about to set up a For Honor post.


Need the FO4 thread.

But this is a great post! A+


Done! :smile:


Not gonna lie, Ark just won me over with it’s presentation. gonna have to try it out.


That Sony press conference. Plenty of WTF moments, but in a really good way.


I was NOT ready for Sony’s conference.

The new Hitman, The Last Guardian, No Man’s Sky, Uncharted 4, the FF7 Remake AND Horizon?

Just amazing. Sony brought it. I’m doing more live-tweeting tomorrow, too.