EA Origin Battle* sale



Just checked the Origin website and saw that Star Wars Battlefront is on sale for $20 while Battlefield 4 is going for 5 bucks.

It’s possible that the community for BF4 has seen a comeback since EA has been giving away the DLC for free. $5 is cheap for any game. I think I might grab this and try the game since the last Battlefield I played was Bad Company 2, I believe.

Sale ends June 28.


There was a lot of hate for 4 when it released, but I played the shit out of it and loved every minute; $5 is a steal if you don’t own the game :wink:


BF4 still has some full servers currently, vanilla and DLC servers… Its a fun game for sure and at 5 bucks for vanilla, if you don’t own the game and love first person shooters and chaotic events on the ground or in a vehicle, you should definitely pick this up.

I also have Battlefront on PC and the last time I checked, the community was pretty dead… With that being said, this sale might revive a bit of life into the game for a bit… it’s hard to tell… As for the game, there is plenty to do and when you get in a good match, the game can be very fun.


Battlefront was more populated on consoles, PS4 tbh…

BF4 is a must, it is a damn good game! Remember they are releaseing the DLC free each month!


is BF4 worth it now that the game has been out a decade?

I thought a huge part of the game was multi-player but is it really all that active now?


Currently 14k+ players on, peaked at almost 30k in the last 24 hours if this website is to be believed.


haha…I think I may have been thinking BF3. was BF3 the one that had the sick tank mission through the desert?


So… PS4 man… You can also play with keyboard and mouse.


@GuardianX I think every Battlefield title has had a sick tank mission through the desert :smiley: but yes, BF4 is worthy of purchasing.

@xploz1on you are very right on Battlefront being most popular on PS4. I really don’t understand how the PC community did not keep it going for longer… it looks and plays best on PC. Also, are you referring to one of those custom remappper devices to get kb/ms working with Battlefront?


@vocino addressed this in a forum post he made back in December. Back then I stated that I was a proud to be a console shooter guy.

However, since that time I have returned to the world of PC shooting with both Doom and Overwatch. I play so much better with a mouse. Maybe it’s from learning with a mouse 20 years ago and having only about 5 or so years of off-and-on practice with a gamepad.

Maybe I’ll take my chances against the aimbot.


I tend to favor risking the aimbot, but thankfully my main shooter squeeze (Overwatch) is taking a hard line against hacks and cheaters. That said, I will be getting BF1 on PS4 :wink:


I decided to take advantage of the sale and bought Battlefront for 20 bucks just to compare PC to PS4.

I like Battlefront on PC. I’ve only played a couple of MP matches but haven’t really observed any aimbotting yet.


But you still have Origin cooties on your computer; I’m as Origin-free as Japan is rabies-free, and I aim to keep it that way :wink:


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How I learned to love the aimbot and simultaneously hate multiplayer PC gaming

So is anyone still playing Star Wars Battlefront on PC?


I still have it installed but haven’t played much since Jan/Feb


I know this wasn’t your question but I’m still playing it on PS4—working on the Hutt Contracts.


Bringing this thread back because the sale has returned. And it has been extended to many more Origin games.

Once again BF4 is $5 and Star Wars Battlefront is $20. The Battlefront Season Pass is on sale this time too (likely due to the Death Star announcement yesterday).

In addition, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is $35, Dragon Age: Inquisition GOTY is $20, Mass Effect Trilogy is $15 and Crysis Trilogy is $25.


Damn, I need to play Death Star!


Dat Mirror’s Edge be tempting.

They need to add the full DA series to this sale. Both it and ME are solid experiences.