Early Access and Pre Orders in 2015

Making a new thread for this since it was getting off topic to H1Z1. Continuing the discussion from Anyone getting H1Z1?:

For me, early access isn’t a problem. I’m with you, I’m super guilty of that as well and I get hyped for games all the time. I think the problem in the industry is that because pre-orders were such a significant piece of the pie, publishers structured the entire campaign around it to the point where even the importance of the game’s stability mattered less.

I believe this will normalize to the point where we see the film industry. There’s significant marketing leading up to a release and a portion of the audience does wait in line that opening night. But for the most part, there’s a wait-and-see attitude with film for both professional reviews and peer feedback that drives sales. This requires movies to put a significant priority on things like the movie being a complete package, an overall good experience, etc.


Yeah, I think the Early Access idea is kind of in the process of normalizing, we see some games coming out in a really bad state and the communities of those games will not sit quietly (even though they are usually warned about the states of Early Access games)

I think we’re gonna start to see games that are a bit closer to the finished product before they get to Early Access. Because the people are clamoring for your game, but you don’t exactly want to give them a shit product and turn them off to your game forever.

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