Early Afternoon PS4 Raid Team

Hello All, hope this message finds everyone doing well.

I am looking to start or join a raid team, that is playing or would like to play early in the afternoon depending on your location.

The best time for me to play is between the hours of 2p-8p M-F CDT, which is subject to change due to my work schedule. Most raid teams start after 8p, so it is difficult for me to join in and get some raid experience.

I have a level 28 hunter and very soon to be level 27 warlock, with no void primary, some void secondary and heavy. I have little too no experience with the raid, I really want to get in and give it hell though.

It would be cool to play with some that have experience, but it would be cool to play with a group that has no experience and figure it out; after all we all have to start some where.

So, if any one is interested, let me know.

Have a good night, and I’ll see you in the ether.

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Howdy, what console are you on? I’m Xbox 1.

Sorry ps4, should have stated that in post. Thanks for your interest.