Echo of Soul Closed Beta Info



It took me forever to find where to redeem the beta key. It’s here:

I created a character named Vocino on the Odin NA server.

If you weren’t able to make the Strats Weekly stream today, let me know if you want a key for the beta.


oo me me me…




woo downloading now


were you having trouble with the game just closing on it’s own?


Nope. Seemed to run pretty smoothly actually. Great FPS.


Hmm i’ll try and re install it… it dropped the game 5 times before i just gave up…


Yup def a Korean MMO, can’t wait to check it out after this morning’s final!!


So, if we won a key during the stream how do we get it?


You should have gotten a PM from @Vocino


Frustrating game. Their anti hacker software is waaaay to sensitive. I turned EVERY program off and still got booted after 2 mins.


Are we playing tonight!


Seems like I remember that happening with Aion during beta/release.


This looks like a really slick game. I always did love Aeria games. I played Eden Eternal for QUITE a while when I was looking for free MMORPGs. It was a front runner for me for a while.


Do you want a key @PeterThomas6?


Korean MMO’s are ultra grindy. Is this similar in style?


From what little I’ve played, yes.


Do they really consider logitech software a hack because of GKeys…

Edit: I am trolling their forums looking for a way to actually play this game…


That’s the problems i was having as well.


Dude, you guys are just cheating hackers. How dare you.