Elder Scrolls Online Recruiting Flyer : Strategy and Company



Potential Recruits

Strats is a gaming community that has its roots in The Elder Scrolls Online guild Strategy and Company. We aim to have a strong presence in ESO via the Aldmeri Dominion, and invite you to join us.

The Campaign

There are three factions in The Elder Scrolls Online, all of which are in a constant state of warfare in Cyrodiil.
There are several campaigns to chose from in ESO. We have chosen Thornblade as our focus as it is the most populated, and will therefore be the most challenging. As Aldmeri Domionion we will be warring against the Daggerfall Covenant and the Ebonheart Pact.

Guild Rules

  1. If you need help, you are required to ask for it. No one should feel like they have to tackle a problem alone if they are part of this guild. Grinding those vet levels, crafting, questing, dungeons runs; whatever the case may be, ask for help. Making you stronger makes the guild stronger.

  2. Be considerate of others.


There are no arbitrary requirements to join Strategy and Company in ESO. This is a game after all, and our goal is to enjoy ourselves. You do however need to be willing to learn, willing to teach, and willing to help your guild mates within reason. It is not very easy to do these things across factions so we ask that you have or create a character in the Aldmeri Dominion. The primary focus of this guild is player vs player combat in Cyrodiil so PVP participation on some level is required. There will be scheduled times but there will not be required times to play in PVP. As a mature community we understand that life comes before entertainment.

If you are in a PVP raid we ask you to be present in voice communications, if only to listen. All you need is speakers. This is vital to instant relay and is a huge advantage over parties that only use group chat.

The mumble sever address and port are as follows:
Port 64738

Use the ESO PVP Channel.

More mumble info can be found here.

Teamspeak does seem to be more popular with the ESO crowd so I may setup a TS account soon. If so this thread will be updated with that information.

To Join

Using the @ name below, send one of our active officers a request in game via mail or chat. You can also post your request in these forums.

GM and Officers:
In Game: Xerosum
In Game: Player 1
In Game: Delorean



I need to switch my campaign to Thornblade. I ran into Masivemurder randomly online in the game, and got into the guild, so need to see what I can do to contribute. I have one character with Lycanthropy, and another that got bit by a Vampire but hasn’t done the quest for it yet, so I’ll be able to hand out free bites to other guild members soon on the vamp and can now on the Werewolf.