[Elder Scrolls Online] Strats ESO Guild [PC] (PVX)



Strats started back in April of 2014 as an Elder Scrolls Online guild. We are back. Queen Ayrenn missed us and she has expressed her gratitude for our triumphant return.


  • Primary Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
  • Home PVP Campaign: Haderus (7-Day Standard)


We are currently openly recruiting for Strats in ESO. Reply to the open invite request thread with your account name (your @username in ESO) and you will receive an invite from someone. All members of Strats have the ability to invite new members.

Voice Comms

We use Discord for voice communication in the Strats ESO guild. Whenever you can, be in Discord! Voice chat can make a mediocre gameplay experience into a pretty awesome one.

Officers & Ranks

Ranks are based on forum trust levels. There is no way around this.

  • Every rank in the guild is empowered and encouraged to invite new members in-game.

  • In order to move up ranks, you must sign up on this here forum.

  • The regulars can do just about everything as they are the trusted leadership.

ESO - Join Our Guild!
Hey everyone Alex here
Hey Strats! RadSavage checking in





Hey all, haven’t been here in a while. But with the new patch (no more vet ranks) is anyone thinking of having another look at ESO?

The game is in a good place, lots to do, good community, lots of new PVE content and PVP is probably at its best.




Vocino! Long time,…Things have really taken off here! Are you going to mix in some dragonknight time with parenting?


I still log in every now and then, still in the Strats guild.


Well, ESO as a whole has fallen off.


When you say “ESO as a whole” do you mean in reference to Strats? Because according to Zenimax the game is thriving.

Edit - Which is comical, since Wildstar was supposed to kill TESO. Now Wildstar is the one in danger of dying just any day now.


Praise be! ESO is honestly thriving, plenty of people. They have introduced interesting mechanics to get people to run dungeons (PVE) and PVP is going great, the lag has been reduced significantly.

Whether it’s something ppl want to see streamed is another thing. But there are some ESO streamers doing well.

If anyone is interested in joining I’m happy to help.


Vocino, your child will only thank you for having a max character for him/her to play with :grin:


I would honestly LOVE to play some ESO. But every time I try I get consistent lag which ruins the fun for me. I’ve worked with zenimax support and done all kinds of google-fu to try and fix it but to no avail. I have no problems with other games so it’s just been easier to walk away from ESO even though I truly like the game.

At any rate I encourage others to play it. It’s a great game.


I would be willing to attempt to get back into ESO as well if there was a push to do so! Though I don’t plan on seeing that happening anytime soon with Overwatch release this evening! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have decided I will update my PC version in the coming days and check out the changes. Don’t think I have played this in a year.


Casual necro… if you want an invite send an ingame friend request to @vocino and I’ll shoot you back an invite.


@Zharick and @Philspaz, your invites are out.


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