Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

Coming June 9th is a free to play edition of Elder Scrolls Online for the PS4. It will include all the current PC patches and beyond.

According to the PS Blog there will also be a membership package in which you will get access to upcoming DLC, XP, Gold and Crafting bonuses, and monthly supply of Crowns which can be used to purchase cosmetic and convenience items. They claim you can enjoy the full ESO experience without having to pay for the ESO Plus. This sounds like what they do already to DC Online and some of the other free to play games on PS4.

A Beta was mentioned as well before launch. Thoughts?

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Damn @Nubhugs you beat me by 5 minutes…lol

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The wording makes it look like you can adventure WITH console players. I hope they clarify that. I would rather it stay sub based, but this might bring in some of my friends. My cheap friends…

I’d like to see people work together on the different platforms. Honestly, this method will work out better for the PS4 in my opinion since players have to pay for the PS Plus service. It’s better to bring cheap players than no players at all. This might be the best thing to happen to the game.

I do think the population levels will explode if they could somehow mix them. But how will that work with add-ons, if console players can’t use them, it would be a huge advantage to PC players.

Thoughts? (Can’t quote on my phone)

I think this means ESO will finally be worth what people will pay for it.

PC release of this, or no.

March 17 for free to play.

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Well, technically buy to play. You have to buy the game still, but it is free after that.

I would honestly buy this without doubt if they don’t cripple it with the “ESO Plus” service. It seems like a lot of people were interested in coming back to the PC side. @teh_ninjaneer speaks pretty highly about it and I think he was the first one to claim they might be going free to play.

I for one won’t be going back to PC…I will however be playing it on PS4!! And from what I’ve read so far PC and console will not be playing together. Totally different infrastructure all together.

I suppose I will give it another shot if it’s free to play but I’m still not sure there’s enough to do in the game.

Don’t you want to hang out in Elder Scrolls land using Elder Scrolls to get more Elder Scrolls with your friends @Vocino? Doesn’t that sound like fun? Don’t you like fun? Vocino pls like fun.


I am super down to at least try it!

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I really enjoyed the crafting and social aspects. ESO just needed something to go do after that preparation element. It was sort of almost a pre-NGE SWG MMO (wow that’s a lot of acronyms). It needs a few things to take it over the edge:

  • Player housing
  • More resource quality based crafting (now that I think about this, it might already be like that, don’t remember)
  • More freedom for skill trees

Having said that, I wouldn’t play a game like that on PS4. That feels very PC to me.

According to this article on their website, it looks like ESO: Tamriel Unlimited is not just a console announced, and is in fact their announcement that the game is going F2P for PC.

I’m assuming the Unlimited stands for the fact that you can now spend an unlimited amount of money each month on this free to play game.


They beat around the bush pretty hard in the article. They never really say it’s F2P but they phrase things like

"When The Elder Scrolls® Online: Tamriel Unlimited™ launches, current subscribers won’t need to do a thing to enjoy the many benefits offered by our new premium membership: ESO Plus. Just keep playing and you will automatically become a member"


If your membership ends, you’ll still be able to play ESO (and keep any items and rewards you earned playing within DLC), but you won’t be able to access DLC game pack content that you haven’t purchased separately.

Which is just saying, “we’re going F2P” without actually saying those words.

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A lot of people will see this as a failure of Zenimax and ESO but I guarantee this roadmap (if not the timeline) was set out from the beginning. Once revenue hits a certain threshold, they flip the switch. It’s all part of the plan and Zenimax has made huge returns on ESO.


Wow, you think that a company would honestly do that? Feels morally wrong.

It has nothing to do with morals. It’s a launch-to-market strategy for MMORPG games these days.

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