[Elder Scrolls Online] Your friendly ESO Strats guild is back (again)



Hello @BIkMau5, welcome! @senNish is going to send you a request (since it’s online now) if you post your in-game name here or if you hop into Discord and talk to him.

Plan B is send me a friend request (instructions below) and I’ll send you back an invite this evening.

To add a friend:

  1. Open the social menu (“O”)
  2. Select “Contacts”
  3. Press “E” to open the “Add Friend” dialog
  4. Enter my user ID: @vocino
  5. Hit “Request”


@Vocino @dontcallmejames @Zharick @Biff_Tannen @Auth @Wayward I actually never stopped playing until a couple weeks ago when I sold my account :open_mouth:



this is like the brady bunch reunion


Damn you Draco. Should have said something.


Who is Greg?


I’ll be Sam the Butcher.


Damn you beat me to it


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How did I miss that you guys jumped back in? I’m sitting here with 803 Champion Points and grinding vet dungeons in pugs, which is really hit or miss. If we can get 12 people, we can do trials (hardest content in the game). It figures I would find out everyone was back just when I am going on vacation to Vegas.


we see you on pretty much 24/7 you must have guild chat turned off :slight_smile:


I must have switched it to the trade guild chat. Gotta reset it. I just assumed no one was around until I looked at the guild roster today and saw a lot of people were on recently I need to get Discord up and running,


Dude wow


@Rotaugenwhen you get Discord fired up you can bridge your Strats account here.


Yeah, I may have more hours logged in ESO than the rest of the guild combined. The upside to that is I can help with gear setups, running 4 person dungeons the first time, explain a lot of the game mechanics, etc. I’ve been thinking of writing a list of things to do that will help players get up and running. Just have to find the time to write it, as today is my last day at work before going on vacation until Monday night. I’ve soloed most of the 4 person dungeons, except those that have game mechanics requiring more than one, so people could learn the particular dungeon mechanics on normal level before stepping up to veteran level, which is a LOT harder.


If you were interested, a “getting back into ESO” guide would be awesome.


Thanks, I’ll see if I can squeeze in setting up tonight but I still have to pack and get a lot set up for my vacation. I’ll be able to on Monday at the latest. I already have Discord installed, just haven’t used it yet and still need to install on a couple other computers that occasionally get used as well. I haven’t played ESO while using VOIP in a long time, so I’m glad to see the group is back. I also need to switch which guild shows up in chat, as I would have seen people much earlier.


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That might be a good idea, then I can add to it as I try to see things from a New Player perspective. A lot of it can be useful for experienced players too. Since they PARTIALLY lifted the Non-Disclosure Agreement, I can let everyone know I was one of the people selected to beta test the Morrowind chapter. I can only talk about how the game mechanic changes affect the current 4 classes, but can’t talk about the upcoming Warden class or the actual Morrowind content. Doing the beta and giving feedback is forcing me to try and see things from a New Player perspective. What makes sense, what is confusing, etc.


I was selected twice. Srsly. I received two separate emails with two different codes. Guess they struggle to keep up with whom they have invited.

New player tips for Elder Scrolls Online

I got the same @teh_ninjaneer.
I thought they just REALLY wanted me to test.