[Elder Scrolls Online] Your friendly ESO Strats guild is back (again)



Yeah, at first I thought it was my thousands of hours, my constant posting on the official forums, my use of the PTS every time it was up and providing constant feedback on what worked and what didn’t, then I found out people with inactive accounts who never used the Public Test Server got selected too, so it is apparently random. Oh well, I felt special for a few minutes at least! :slight_smile:


They just announced early access to Morrowind for anyone preordering. If it is digital, it is automatic. If you ordered the Physicial Collectors edition like I did, you print out the online invoice, write your account name on it, take a pic, and submit it to them. Then you get in May 22nd instead of June 6. This is PC only, consoles won’t be ready until June 6.


That way you can be 1 of 100 wardens in a zone, rather than 1 of 1,000.


Yeah, there will be a ton, but a lot of it will be people like me leveling a Stan and a mag Warden since they already have every other combo maxed. It might be funny to see an All Warden trial run.


I’m always down for that kind of stuff.
In my WoW days I was in an all Paladin guild and we would run ICC.
It was good times.


Same here, lol. Two separate emails.


No emails for me… I guess they do not care about how their Mac client performs. :slight_smile:


Mac is the red-headed step child of computers to gaming companies.


Looks like I’m in both the new and old guilds.

I need me some Regular rank



What’s up @TheHeroKnight, you’re the New User of the Month :slight_smile:


Morrowind releases today for anyone that preordered. Some big changes for people with a lot of Champion Points. They decided that sustaining damage/heals constantly was too easy so they took out the Champion Point sections to lower Magicka/Stamina costs on skills. I’ve already adjusted, by putting Magicka/Stamina regen glyphs on some armor pieces instead of just maxing Magicka or Stamina. It’s no where near the doom and gloom on the forums. I’ve been running the new style builds for a couple weeks and they do just fine. I am really looking forward to running around in Morrowind, and creating a Stamina and a Magicka based Warden character.


I preordered but I’m waiting on an RMA unfortunately.


Yeah I played a bit of the beta and was not really impressed with the animal companion tree. Hopefully it get better along the way.

The new map and missions were pretty cool though.

A new race would have been nice.


What’s funny is how many people in the official forums were screaming the Warden is overpowered and pay to win because you have to buy Morrowind to have it. They were yelling that with no experience to back it up. My own experience is that it will do well in a support role in groups.


Not sure about the other branches but the bit of animal companion I played did not seem OP to me.


It might actually be, and it could be purposeful. League of Legends does this pretty regularly: almost every time they release a new champion it’s a bit overpowered and on the next patch they nerf it more or less into balance. I think they know, but they’re trying to get folks to buy it (IP cost is always higher for the release week). It’s a way to incentivize expansion purchase, though not the best way. They may not be doing this, but it honestly wouldn’t surprise me either.


It isn’t OP. I played both Magicka and Stamina versions in the beta. People were screaming about nothing.


Stam and Mag regen may be nerfed with the Morrowind patch, but my sorc zap like he just don’t care.


Just rolled a new Warden. Now its a race to level 50.


I see what you did there.