[Elder Scrolls Online] Your friendly ESO Strats guild is back (again)



I need that suit in my life


For some reason, the update turned my DK tank’s footwear into go go boots…


Dat facial hair doe.


Because he is totally fab, obv.


Is anyone even playing Morrowind? Every time on log on there are zero people online.


I preordered it but I’m waiting for an RMA to get my PC going.


I log in, burn through 400K inspiration towards another unneeded Champion Point (I have a year and a half in reserve), then jump into my Warden and run around Morrowind. I should be on for a longer time on Friday and perhaps Saturday. I need to get my Magicka Warden to level 50 so I can start the Stamina Warden and have every class and type available. If we can get 12 of us, we can attempt a Trial.


I haven’t played it yet.
I’m waiting for the appropriate time to release funds for the purchase of Morrowind.
I think that time will be this weekend.


Release the Kraken (funds) !


@PreshusKitty and I played for a little last night. I plan on spending a lot of time playing this weekend.


Decided to buy the special mount and crafted matching armor. Looks pretty cool at night.


Memorial Day weekend was unfortunately very busy, so I didn’t get a ton of ESO time in. Managed to get my Magicka Warden up to level 25, so it’s half-done. Then its time to make a Stamina Warden to complete the set. My wife is taking the son for the annual mother-kids visit to Palm Springs Sunday-Wednesday, so I’ll get a lot more ESO time in then. Hopefully I’ll see some of you online. I have Discord all ready to go, and characters of every class. The Alliance only matters in Cyrodiil. Any quests/dungeons,trials can be done with characters of various alliances working together. That’s one of the things I really liked about the One Tamriel update.


My wife’s about to start her 4 day (2 day/2 night) work cycle.

I’ll be able to get a bunch of time in on ESO then. I’ve got a level 7 warden so far.


After finishing the main Vvardenfell questline, I started the Main Vestige questline. Apparently Lyris really likes my Warden.

Made it to level 27 tonight. After the Sun-Tues time I have free at night next week, I hope to get to level 40 or so. In addition to leveling my Warden, I’ll have time for group dungeons or any other quests people are stuck on. I can craft any of the craftable sets, so if you’d like a matching set, just let me know.


Downloading ESO again. Hopefully I won’t delete it before it completes, as I have done two previous times.

I am going to make a real effort to MMO. It doesn’t get more casual than ESO.




I saw Ghosthog was online last night with a level 3 Warden while I was XP grinding mine. I should be on tonight 6-9 pm Pacific Time and will see if others are on and want to do any group content. My Magicka Warden is up to level 35 now, but still has 15 levels to go. I’ll be grinding with it unless others want to do something, and I’ll bring in a fully developed character.


I’ve been making what I assume is a magicka warden. Do you put any stats into stam? So far I’ve got like everything into magicka and health.


Yeah I still don’t understand why you have to choose between magicka or stamina. I mean, I do understand if you solely want to maximize damage.

But shouldn’t the majority of your stats come from bonuses applied to gear? Where you place those 60-something stat points should not be a big deal.

  • Health on heavy armor
  • stamina on medium
  • magicka on light

Edit - It seems to me that the best way to build a DPS character is to raise both magicka and stamina, then choose your skills so that you never run out of either stam or mag during a fight.


I’m not familiar with any builds that do this, there very well could be some out there but I don’t know of them.

But the other way to go about this is to go all into 1 stat, meaning Attributes, Enchants, Passives, Armor Type, and use your CP to boost the regen of that resource so that you rarely run out of it. And of course it helps to have some abilities (such as buffs to be applied periodically) that use the other resource so that you don’t drain your main resource for maintenance.