[Elder Scrolls Online] Your friendly ESO Strats guild is back (again)



Hybrid builds (having both Magicka and Stamina points) look good on paper, but the top damage dealers and healers go with the min/max of all one stat, once health is at an acceptable level. The way the skills work, they tend to increase in power as the underlying stat increases. For instance, my Magicka Sorcerer has ALL points in Magicka. My Hardened Ward shield is about twice my health. His damage is maxed out too. Hybrids are fine for pretty much all content except vet level trials and they are at a disadvantage in PvP.


I try to use glyphs on armor to make sure that I have 18K health on any non-tank. I use all of the attribute points on either Magicka or Stamina. Tanks can go the high health route, as it not only helps their survivability, but they have an ability that gives a percentage of their health as a shield to group members. There are 70K health tanks giving out 10-12K shields to their whole party. That is for the super min/maxers though.


I am a WoW veteran that picked this up because of my love for the one true rpg…TES III: Morrowind.

However, its been hard to play because of my lack of community. Ill have to play with you guys!




Thanks! I messaged you in game!


Welcome @Smiggs
Feel free to hit me up in game (@wayward-son) if you ever want to scratch that PvP itch.


I got the new spider mount to troll around in. I’m ready for some PvP in this getup.


Oh snap :sunglasses:


My Physical Edition of Morrowind still hasn’t shipped from Amazon and is supposed to arrive on the 12th. I’ll be locked out of Morrowind from the 9-12 until I get the code. Support couldn’t answer whether I would lose access to any Wardens not in VVardenfell, so I made my Stamina warden, Shaka-Warden. All ready to build the Zulu empire.


Still hadn’t shipped, even though it was supposed to go out two days ago. Sent a second e-mail complaint, and now they are overnighting for free and will arrive tomorrow.


It seems a little bit silly that they don’t just activate it within your account digitally at the early release and then ship you box after the fact.


They sort of did. It gave me early access in May, and it is good until the 9th, then I have to put in the code or its frozen until I do. Given how many Amazon customers are complaining on the official forums, you’d think they could stretch that out a bit. We order the most expensive version, and lose a few days compared to people who spent less than half as much for the digital version.


I just noticed I have enough characters that I have to scroll to go from the 1st to the last.


I think that means you’re doing it right.


Finally got him to level 50. Now I have only two characters left to grind.


You’re a monster @Rotaugen


I think my wife and kids would agree.


I did the vet AA trial last night as a training run in a group that only runs dungeons. We made it to the last boss after 3 hours, and finally gave up, as the tanks couldn’t hold aggro on the boss and we kept wiping. Still, I learned a lot about the trial, and know the normal version would be a piece of cake. I hope we can get enough people to try it sometime. A lot of groups finish in 30 minutes or less, so they don’t normally take 3 hours. Since it was training, the group leader spent a ton of time before each part explaining what to do.


That doesn’t even make sense. I thought ESO taunts worked similar to DC Universe, where when you taunt (Puncture or Inner Fire) then you are guaranteed to hold aggro for 15 seconds.

Is that not how it works?


I’ve not tried tanking or trials/dungeons yet, but I assume if the tank was struggling to hold aggro, they weren’t really monitoring their usage and kept missing their timing. As a result I imagine ads and such would wander to other players, and probably out of range of the next taunt.