[Elder Scrolls Online] Your friendly ESO Strats guild is back (again)



But the taunts cost stamina, and they block constantly against the axes on that boss. They didn’t have enough stamina sustain on their setups, and the healers didn’t get stamina recovery to work on them, it was bugging a bit.


I don’t know how you other home owners have time for games. I haven’t had much gaming at all. Always something to do.


Plus two kids!


Plus 3 kids


Two kids, large house, a career that has me work 10+ hours per day and a 2 hour commute per day. You know what gets in the way of gaming? Sleep. Just cut that back to 5-6 hours at most, and you’ll have 823 Champion Points in no time!


This guy has his priorities straight.


Live near your enlisted buddies who are out now :wink: Beer = yard work

LOL: quoted the wrong motivator. So, @Biff_Tannen


Dude I wish I lived near my army buddies. Once I get to know the fire dept peeps it will be that way


Just around the corner then :wink:


It took 17 days to get the Stamina Templar from level 10 to level 50, now I just have to take the Stamina Warden from level 4 to level 50 and all 10 characters will earn Champion Points. Makes it much easier to not have to split time between CP and gaining levels. The Morrowind resource changes made it harder to keep the DPS at full speed, but I can still solo most group dungeons. Maybe this Friday we can get one or two of you to run a group dungeon on Normal with me, as those aren’t too bad. You’ll want a full group for Veteran level ones though.


I know he looks like the Burt Warden character above that hit level 50 a couple weeks ago (same armor), but The-Brave-Sir-Robin has a completely different face.


How did you ever get him to 50 when we all know brave sir robin bravely bravely ran away? :paw:


Group with others and hang around in the back?


Just finished my first 12 person trial. That is a ton of fun, but you’ll definitely want to read up on dungeon mechanics before you run one. Alcasthq.com has great guides on them.


How important are roles?


In trials, roles are really important. The dungeon mechanics require tanks to hold aggro on bosses, healers to stand where they can hit the whole group with heals, and some are DPS races to put a boss down before they bring in enough adds to overwhelm the group.


My Stamina Warden was level 4 on Friday and got him to level 25 today. Crafted training armor + XP scrolls or potions = 100% gain in XP. For those with Champion Points who start a new character, a warning. I was grinding from 4 to 5 then 5 to 6 and wondering why the fights were so slow and difficult, and the restoration of stamina took so long. Then I looked at my equipment and realized I was still using the level 1 slave gear and a castoff sword. I also found out that I had not allocated ANY Champion Points. After changing gear and allocating 630 CP, it went to really fast and easy mode. A lot of people don’t know that your base stats for Magicka, Stamina and Health go up when you allocate CP.


Shaka just hit level 50. Now I have a level 50 on each class in both Stamina and Magicka. Time to perfect the skill rotations and gear!



I finished the PvP holiday event achievement and got this gold laurel wreath for my troubles.


The throne room is getting a bit crowded with all these trophies. Gonna need a bigger room.