[Elder Scrolls Online] Your friendly ESO Strats guild is back (again)



A low res video of my house.


Very cool. Now crank the resolution :slight_smile:


The file would probably be 10 GB if I did at max resolution. The strange thing is, it starts off blurry when I go by my stables, the shrine to Azura, and the tower shrine to Clavicus Vile, but starts to clear up after I get to my dog at the front and then go inside. You just have to picture what it looks like at 2560x1600 resolution.


Hey, I created an AD character to get started you all on PS4. Quick question before pinging @aicxe on PSN.

Are you all using discord voice chat for the PS4 version as well? It wouldn’t be my first choice over native ESO chat, but I want to get the right setup in place before jumping in.


A slightly better look at the throne room. A bit less blurry so you can actually see all the heads on the wall.


The view of my new house, and looking out from the front tower.


And here’s some video of where I put the Undaunted trophies from completing group dungeons.


is the ESO ps4 Guild still active? Cause i would love to join in
PSN: sinderionn
ESO: Sinderionn
Pisstongue Aswalker
Pisspunch Mc’as’Licker


A friend of mine IRL just picked this up, so I’m going to be starting a new toon with him tonight. I’ll be streaming it. For god’s sakes come help us power level :stuck_out_tongue:


do you have the ps4 version of it if so add me
PSN Sinderionn


We’re mainly using the game voice chat or the PS4 party chat.