Elgato Game Capture HD60 does not work with OBS for OS X

Looks like I’m back to building a new gaming PC. Merry Christmas to me!

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Yes! He is back to the dark side!


Sorry you have to build a new gaming PC, I know it’s really busting your balls :wink:

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What am I supposed to be looking at here? OBS is listed exactly the same way on the Elgato site. The fact that the video input is different on OS X is buried deep within the knowledge base.

Sorry, misread your previous post title slightly because mobile. It seems to me that Elgato is a specific problem on the Mac side of OBS. I saw one mention from several months ago that the Extremecap U3 drivers had been provided by AVerMedia to OBS, but no confirmation whether or not everything was playing nice on the mac side.


For what it’s worth, I’ll be getting a MacBook Pro later this year (hopefully) and I’ll give it a go :wink:

Yeah I’m just going to see what’s up with my gaming PC. Need to figure out a good display solution. I’m going to sell my Apple Thunderbolt Display in favor of getting 2 identical displays that have multiple HDMI connectors so I can switch between Mac, PC, PS4, etc.

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mmm…HDMI matrix: one of my favorite investments this year :wink:

(they don’t sell it on Amazon :frowning: )

That’s an option.

@Auth, I don’t suppose I can con a streaming/display/etc setup post out of you…

PS4-specific or something more general?

Well for now I’m more concerned with PS4 but I’m interested in the whole setup. With rebuilding my gaming PC, I might return my Elgato and get an upgraded internal card that will do HDMI passthrough for the PS4 as well as on-machine.

Sure thing, I’ll do something up tomorrow :wink: