Elon Musk plays Overwatch, thinks storytelling is neglected in modern games


Elon Musk spoke to Y Combinator’s Sam Altman in a sit-down interview last year where he discussed, among other things, his apprehensions about the possible implications of developing advanced AI. But when the interview was over and the camera was still rolling, Altman asked Musk for recommendations about good video games to play.


He should stick to sending rockets to space. lol. If he knew anything about video games he would know that gameplay is superior to story telling. Back in the day a majority of games lacked story telling. I would argue that today we have more story telling in games than ever. Not every game needs story telling and Overwatch is a game that could have zero story and still be successful.



Did you start playing games around 2000? I would contest that storytelling was more prevalent in the 80s and 90s.

Sierra offered many great games where the story was everything. Gameplay was moving your character with the arrow keys and having to type all your character’s actions.


I think it depends on the game and gamer which is more important. For me, gameplay is by far the most important aspect, but the same cannot be said for @PreshusKitty (hence, we often play different games).


I think it very much depends on the type of game your playing.

If you’re playing something online and/or competitive, then gameplay is definitely what matters…
If you’re playing a single player RPG, it’s all about having an engaging story.

I don’t think one can be said to be more important for every type of game.


plays a single game and makes broad sweeping comments about modern games… wow. Well Mr. Musk, I think Helium tanks are neglected in modern space rockets… too soon?


I mean, he talks about several games in the video that he’s played, a couple that are recent (latest Deuz Ex, Overwatch). The main comparison he draws seems to be about the story in various Deus Ex games and implies that they’ve gone down in quality while making his supposition about the state of storytelling in video games in general. Also, he’s a pretty busy dude that I’d rather have sending rockets to space and building solar roofs than playing video games :wink:

Never too soon for jokes, IMO.


It would be lovely to see a team try to equally develop both a good story, and solid game play. Since we see if some what frequently in single player games it would be even more impressive in solid multiplayer game.


They do. Its anything Naughty Dog puts out. :slight_smile:

Look at The Order 1886, had a good story but the game play and the mechanics just weren’t there. I will stand by it, without good game play and mechanics a game is a dud. I don’t care how engaging the story is.

I know I’m mentioning all console games but look at Destiny, there was almost no story during the release of that game. Yes people complained but it didnt stop anyone from playing it. The game was highly addictive and Bungie has always done a great job of listening to the community and delivering.