Enhance your Mixer streams with Lightstream Studio


This is pretty interesting. With this partnership, someone streaming directly from their XBOX via Mixer can now add custom overlays, graphics, the whole nine yards via Lightstream without the need of a capture card & separate PC. Heck, you can even switch scenes using your mobile device.


I used to use lightstream in the past. It seemed like they kind of hit a wall with the updates for a while and didn’t seem like they were moving forward. Maybe they picked up the pace again. It’s been a while since I checked it out. I’ll take a peek again.


This is really interesting. One the one hand, as more tools make streaming quality accessible to average gamers, the number of people streaming will grow. The thing is, that’s not how streaming platforms make money, per se. Most of the money is made on the top 1-5% of channels from both advertising and subscriptions.

It seems like the bet is likely that more streamers will turn into stream consumers as well. Is that necessarily true? Maybe if you can claim “more gaming streams” then you can use those winning metrics to attract more consumers.

That’s still theory, in my opinion.

What we see from Twitch, the clear leader, is that they’ve hit the ceiling for consumers and their efforts to get more gaming streamers on the platform haven’t really seen growth of consumption. The exception is in the non-gaming categories. IRL, for example, is the answer to a lot of those problems.

Getting off topic perhaps…