ENOUGH with the spoilers in mumble


Look, I don’t care if everyone “Should” know what the ending of something is. I am sick and tired of people blurting out endings of things in mumble. Be it game or movie or TV show.

Just had an entire series ruined for me in mumble that I own the discs to, but haven’t had the chance to watch.

I am so damn pissed off right now. This has to stop.

This is not the first time that somebody has announced an ending because they thought everyone should know it.

ASK before you spoil.


As I haven’t been in mumble today, I’m just curious what got spoiled to see if I dodged a bullet or not. Just the series, not the actual spoiler.

Real talk though, this isn’t the first time it’s come up. Please check with folks before you get to talking about spoilers and remember that not everyone regards spoilers the same. I’m not saying be fearful that anything you say will piss someone off, but discussing game content some players haven’t gotten to yet in detail or the end of TV shows/movies/books/lore all have the potential to create posts like this and lessen the amount of people who hop on mumble, which is a pretty low ratio of our player-base already.


Also worth noting, the forum has spoiler support if you really want to share your awesome story but need to cut out some key parts.


Shameless robot plug is shameless.


How dare you.


It was an accident. It was something that has been off the air for 4 years. I apologized and it won’t happen again.


You guys ruined the series finale of Blossom, didn’t you?

Oh man, I found the motherlode of full Blossom episodes. You’re welcome!


Can’t wait to get back and spank you all…seems yall are out of line lately!


Do they have internet in the rain forest yet?


Do they have internet in the rain forest bayou yet?


Forget internet… where do i stand in line for the spankings :wink: