Epic ArcheAge video




This makes me want to build a gaming PC. I can only imagine how much more ‘real’ and immersive computer driven worlds will be in the near future. I don’t know Archeage, but I’m assuming all that footage is in game and rendered in real time, it looks better than some pre-rendered graphics/scenes look especially that waterfall.


It looks good and that’s on YouTube. They compress videos, so imagen what would like for yourself


ArcheAge is the real deal. Not only do you find yourself lost in the beauty, the detail and complexity of interal game functions like crafting ensure it will keep your attention for awhile to come.


All of the LIKES :point_down:


Man, that video was amazing. I played FF14 and the environment was nice, but it doesn’t look as alive as ArcheAge does. I’m Tempted to run the game on my TV though, would be pretty fun.


This is the way of the modern PC gamer