"Escape from Tarkov" upcoming game write-up



You can register on the page for a closed beta
So this game is a mix of RPG, FPS, Survival, and MMO-style elements set in the Russian city of Tarkov in the year 2028 where you try to uncover the mysteries of Tarkov and attempt to escape. Some of the developers actually worked on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series and it shows plot wise and gameplay wise. I’ll be adding pictures of the game at the end of the write up or when applicable From the look of things the main draws of the games are many including:

  • Realism

  • Raiding

  • PVP in free roam servers

  • Story

  • Ai ran economy influenced by Player(s?)

  • Unique skills

  • Character Progression

The realism is what especially caught my attention. The gunplay will be insanely detailed. Your weapon can overheat, jam, misfire, take damage, have realistic customization, quicker reload speeds and have unique animations (watch till 6:38) and ballistics. The customization is neat, you can change everything pretty much even including the location of your scope on your rail and what attachments you can fit on them so you can totally go tacti-cool. You can even do the good ole side angle firing where your scope is not ranged for close quarters combat.
There is so much going on realism wise such as your individual body parts taking damage instead of you just having one big bar of health. And holy shit you can even choose your level of crouching

MMO Experience
This game will obviously not be a typical MMO so I’m going to guess it’ll be somewhat like The Division in that sense but with more focus on multiplayer (yes MORE). You’ll have stat’s and skills which can be raised similar to the Elder Scroll series. These skills will be split up into 4 categories which are “Physical, Combat, Practical, and Cognitive”. From the sounds of it I’m just going to think of Elder Scrolls with guns and other things more planted in reality. Raiding is hardcore due to the developers saying that if you die in the raid you lose the gear you took in with you. That’s right all of it, even the gear you wore, and the gear you found. That’s fucking intense. There’s also going to be factions and so far from the videos it seems like the american government is attempting to claim information too but the Russian government doesn’t like that at all… Or it could be Private Military Companies but WHO CARES IT’S COOL

Please give these 3 videos a watch if you’re interested as they have far more information than I could type however I’ll now add what pictures I could find that were interesting.

Action Gameplay Footage very exciting
Dev Diary 1
JackFrags breakdown of game


This games looks really nice. The graphics look great. I think the market has too many survival games out there, but I think the attention to detail will help this game a lot.


this looks beautiful, the realism is what could really set it apart. What I really want is a full game version of “Receiver”, now THAT was some realism. http://store.steampowered.com/app/234190/


Revolver > all other guns :wink:


Yea this game looks great and the realism is there without being at Arma’s level. I’ve been wanting a realistic shooter for a while but I’ve also wanted a good survival game. The fact this is all in Russia and such is just a bonus to me. I’m excited lol I’m glad I got some of your guys attention too. Feel free to throw shout outs at people who might like it.


I’m slowly becoming more interested in Escape from Tarkov. Also, I saw this a few weeks ago and totally forgot to download the game he’s talking about, gonna try it now, it’s free


I totally wish we could swing our community weight into betas for games.

This would be a fun one to beta for a bit.


Oh hell yea man it’d be awesome but we’d have to become popular for some reason like some league of Legends star advertising us or something. Or a youtuber/twitch person becoming famous here and staying. But man that game still looks sick as fuck


And where can this be found?


fistfull of frag on steam


Installed! Will be a fun game to mess with