ESO: 1v1 in Cyrodiil



It’s not often you have a 1v1 in the middle of Cyrodiil, and after being inspired by @teh_ninjaneer 's post about capturing with GeForce Experience, I figured I would upload my victorious moment.

Might be a bit boring since we are both DK Tanks, but it felt like an epic battle to me.

The way this happened was that I was trailing a blue group moving an Elder Scroll across Cyrodiil. I just wanted to get a look and see how many there were so I could maybe try and stop them, or at least slow them down until more yellow could show up to contest the Scroll.

Well, it turned out there were MANY, so I decided to turn back since I was alone.

That’s when I came across a blue straggler and decided to due my duty to honor the queen.
The rest you can see in the video.

Also, I apologize for the terrible quality. I’ve never uploaded to youtube before, it must not like my resolution or something. Anyway, hope you can still enjoy, just don’t full-screen it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I want to know what ESO is.

I want you to show me.


By the way, does anyone know why the video is so bad after uploading? And how to prevent it?


It looks totally fine to me; if it looked off right after uploading it’s because YouTube hadn’t finished all its magic yet :wink:


Well, you must be right. Just watched it again after reading your comment and it’s a tad crappy while I’m mounted but once the fighting starts it seems get better.


The other thing to check is what bitrate you’re capturing in GeForce Experience with; for 1080p I like 60 Mbps (seems like yours might be closer to 30; higher numbers will smooth out the artifacting in quicker-paced parts like when you were mounted or whipping the camera around). If it already is at 60, then it’s possible the compression used by YouTube is to blame.


Ah, that’s a good tip.
It’s set to 50 but I’m at 1440p.


Lawl. I only use 15Mbps @ 1080p for my recording. Mainly because I don’t want to be uploading several GBs.


I prefer to use all the Mbps when I can, even if it takes forever to upload, to minimize my impact on my videos’ quality.


I would have jumped in PvP last night, but my wife and son are cutting their Palm Springs monther-son trip a day short because we have another event to go to tonight, so I lost a day of Home Alone gaming and was trying to get my warden to level 40 last night instead of tonight. Made it to 39, which is close enough. Getting up at 4m for work makes it hard to stay up late gaming. I’m usually done by 9.