ESO free to play?



Is this true or a terrible rumor?


True. Come March 17th, it is Buy to Play. Buy the base game, get the basics for free. There will also be DLC added that you need to buy if you want it.


Hasn’t this been 100% confirmed for months?


I was about to resub this weekend. Good thing I didn’t.

I’ve been out of the loop @Vocino


Yeah don’t resub until it goes free. I’m looking forward to playing after it does though.


If you resub before it goes free, you not only get to be a cool kid for three days, but you’ll get 1500 crowns for the crown store.


I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be like a big ESO reunion. I wonder if Reddithium still exists?


That’s a good question. I bet there’s still some people in the guild that have been unsubscribed but I’d be surprised if it was still going strong.


I’m hoping it gets going as I have multiple characters (two in AD alliance) who have done most of the content except Craglorn, and am looking to actually get into Cyrodiil with a group instead of just looking for mass battles to jump in, trying to find people for Group and Public dungeons, and would like to try a Trial sometime.


The old Reddithium guild is not active. WarrenEdwards I think was his @ name was made guild leader soon after you guys all left. He then had to leave town (maybe in the military) and quit the game. The guild was leaderless. Some of the officers created a new guild called Reddithium Repost and invited everyone to that guild. That guild also was not very active at around Jan of this year so i left them both. Not sure what’s going on with them now.


Lol yeah, I’m the one who handed the guild over to WarrenEdwards when I left.


lol yup, I remember. Pretty sure I was online when you did.


I was hated in that guild after I left for trolling snowmann


Oh man, I remember Snowmann. He was so serious business. Good times.



By serious, do you mean the game was the most important thing in their life where joviality was unwanted? I’m a 50 year old guy that plays games for fun. Try to be competitive, but my life doesn’t revolve around it.


Woah all these people and all I did was play beta for a month. You guys sound smart af


It is currently the 16th. My game updated. The launcher says Tamriel Unlimited on it. My game says Tamriel Unlimited on it. There were new things to agree to. Way to jump the gun ZOS

You guys could try logging in. I don’t know if it will work or not, but it might.


I read that they unleashed the free stuff early.


Yeah, they released it a day early. I think I saw a Twitter message from ZoS on a web page saying it was one day ahead. It was a LOT more crowded last night. The starting areas were packed, and even the final zone that my VR14 Sorc is in had a lot of people, and it usually had one or two.

The Crown Store is up and running. Picked up some "any character level, any weapon"soul gems just to have them as backup. Was tempted to get the Nightmare mount (interesting they appeared to save that as a surprise) but my Tiger should arrive soon. I got 3500 Crowns to spend for the length of membership I’ve had.