ESO Guild Sync Tool Thing



I was leaning toward a mysql server at first but Vocino really got me thinking about BitTorrent Sync. The p2p aspect would enable huge simplifications over a server design. If you’re serious about those Oracle skills I’m sure we could find a piece to break off for you. SQL skills is good skills.

Creating tools for

Running a local MySQL connection would require a lot of setup. SQLite might be easier but overall I don’t think a database like that solves any problems.

ESO stores files for addons in flat files, the only issue is syncing one of those files between members.


Yeah I’m an Oracle developer for a major hotel chain. I do more with Hyperion but I do some ERP as well. Mostly PL/SQL and SQL


I had been leaning toward REST services using mysql on the back end with S3 or similar. It could offline and mobile access in addition to in-game services. I would never directly connect to a database outside of a private network. :smile:

But now I’m pretty focused on the idea we might be able to get an online tool working really fast with BitTorrent. I agree a database is overkill for many features, capped at 500 members, etc. I’ll go down the file-only road first since I think it means we can do everything in lua. But it would also be nice at some point to have a general-purpose query language available. I’ll hold off on that and see how things evolve.


The main problem I see with using BTSync is that it doesn’t support diffs. That is to say, every time the file is updated, that entire file is going to be synced. Depending on how many times the file store is updated by the client, it could result in conflicts.

I think the only way to see would be to test it.

@Mumbles_McPhee, do you have a github account? I set up a github repo for us that I’d like to add us to:


I need to check out BTSync. I get the concept but I’ve never worked with it. I’m hoping we can set a slow refresh to handle that, maybe 5 min for some files and 30/60 min for others. But I don’t actually know if that’s possible. We might also be able to copy things to a local mirror before syncing to ensure that there are no updates concurrent to the sync. Ok, done spit balling on this so I can pay attention to this meeting.

I’l let you know when I get a github account set up. I use git just not there.


I set up a BTSync server on a server (the server for now) and it can sync whatever, we would just need to establish a hash to keep.


Sorry for the delay. Family’s been down for the count with a virus going around the city. Got on a few times this weekend but the illness kept me away for the most part. I now have a github account: MumblesMcPhee. I’m hoping to get some traction this week assuming RL doesn’t interfere too much.


definitely interested in this. i have some database experience, but probably not on the level of most of you…so i don’t know how much help i would be on the developer front. but i’d love to help with testing if it’s needed. i’m familiar with BTSync, so i can help test with that too. i have a github account as well (dontcallmejames) but again, not much a dev here.