[ESO] "It's not about the endgame"



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So I thought this was a pretty good article.
The author draws attention to the fact that ESO is built to reflect the it’s predecessor Elder Scrolls titles more than every other MMO. The biggest difference being that a large portion of ESO’s content happens during the leveling process rather than after max level.

And while I mostly agree with his point, he seems to leave out the fact that ESO does offer activities at Endgame that are familiar to veteran MMO players such as Veteran Dungeons, Undaunted Pledges, and Trials which are similar to raids in other games. As well as new ideas that appeal to Endgame players such as Dragonstar Arena.

While he does mention Trials and PvP it seems that he thinks players are getting tired of these, and that is problem in most MMOs not just ESO.

Just thought some of you might enjoy reading this article.


I definitely went into ESO planning to enjoy the journey. I have never reached end-game of any MMO, but played a few of them casually. I enjoyed the journey of each of them, but never committed myself enough to reach that End Game Malady.

However, even as a casual player with no yearning to be in end-game ASAP, I still find it hard to forget that there is a “goal”. When I played Skyrim, I did whatever I wanted to do any moment, but in ESO, I feel like I’m wasting time or opportunities if I’m not achieving the goal of preparing my character for end-game.

I actually have not logged on in 1-2 weeks because it’s become more of a chore to compete than to play. I need to save researchables, gather every resource, inventory manage across mules, log in for hireling mats, save enough money ASAP to buy a mount so I can start upgrading that baby every 20 hours (but I need what money I get for bag space).

There’s a war within me. I’m trying to enjoy the journey (why I love ESO) but I can’t remove myself from the competitive reality and min-maxing that comes with an MMO.


Were Veteran Dungeons a thing at launch? I can’t remember. I know they have been slowly adding them during the past year. I know Undaunted Pledges and Trials were added later.

My point is that initially, I think the only endgame was PvP, just like Dark Age of Camelot. The author of the article fails to note that DAoC had battlegrounds for lower-level players (similar to the non-Veteran campaigns). Many players enjoyed these battlegrounds more than the endgame frontiers. I remember the 30-35 bracket being especially popular.


But why do you feel compelled to do those things?
None of them are actually necessary especially not while leveling. I haven’t put a single point into crafting, nor have I crafted a single item. There is no time or level restriction on that so if I decide it’s important I can always come back to it.

And most things such as PvP and Dungeons can be done at any level. So there is no real pressure to get to 50 other than the few things that are only available at endgame such as Pledges, Trials, and DSA.


Yes they were, but there were only 3.


Even though it is not about the endgame, I do tend to think about it with each character and try to save up things I need for crafting improvements on gear and building up as many skills as possible. Even my lower Vet level characters have things on the skill bar they are not using, just to level those skills up for endgame.