ESO - Join Our Guild!



Hello fellow adventurers!

I help run a small but growing video game media website. A few of us are playing ESO on the PS4 and are looking to beef up our guild “The Sons of Bolt.” So if you are new to the game, looking for a guild or just need some friends to kill stuff with then join us!

We are laid back, we have fun and we love this game lol

Join us!


Conversely, I’d like to offer you and yours an opportunity to join up with us; while our primary ESO guild is rocking it on PC (heck, our leader, @Vocino started r/ESObuilds), we do have a handful of players hanging out on PS4 as well. Strats is a lot less about news, reviews, and interviews and more about good people enjoying the wonderful pastime of video games with one another, so I hope you’ll forgive us Strategists wholeheartedly if we respectfully decline your invitation :wink:


Hello @JontheNerd, welcome to Strats. Assuming you’re not just here to spam your guild, I recommend posting an intro and getting to know some people here. :smile: