ESO-One Tamriel is a game changer


One Tamriel launches in October. It will majorly change the game.

  1. You can use characters from any alliance with people from any other alliance in PvE areas.
  2. All characters scale, so my level 50 with 640 champion points can run with someone using a new character and we both get experience. No more using my Uber characters just for fun with others that have lower ranked characters.
  3. Dueling is being added, so you can run 1 versus 1 for fun with anyone.

This might add a lot of life to the game, as people don’t have to keep creating new characters just to run with a specific person. Anyone of any level can run with anyone else of any level.


this is why I dusted off my character and played again. what platform are you on?


I am on PC and have been in since Beta.


Looks like they’re really pushing for accessibility. I wonder if this will come with some new marketing to get more players in.


Bethesda claims that their numbers are strong. I wonder if they chose their single-server tech to always make the game world feel full.

A game sub is consistently one of the top sales for PS4 every month. People are playing.


Is this a xpac you have to pay for or is it enough to have bought the base game at one point to play it?


I just got off reading the humongous patch notes. Some players are complaining about “overcasualising” the game what with some bosses having guaranteed drops and all that.

Also every item set now has jewelry, and every item set can scale up to the highest level. It pretty much unlocked a lot of possible endgame builds.

@Calibian, it’s entirely free. Which is amazing because it feels like the changes are bigger than any purchasable DLC


With this update the “main story” will become solo-able. I think this will help to give this MMO that Skyrim feel that many players wanted. You can play the game like a single-player game and only have to group up for dungeons. Even the Craglorn area won’t be level-restricted.

I believe once One Tamriel launches they will be reselling the game packaged with all the current DLC. This might become a Big Deal on consoles since there just aren’t a lot of MMO options (although it’s expanding quickly with Neverwinter recently launched). PC/Mac might not see much of an increase because of all the available games, especially PC.