ESO One Tamriel makes it really easy to group with various levels


Now that they scaled the whole game, my 735 CP character can run with someone who is level 15 and we both gain XP regardless of where we are. Much easier to run with my friends now. And it scales everywhere, including the Tutoral. Just got a character in the tutorial to level 50.


The unlocking of alliance restrictions made our PS4 guild grow to almost a hundred members!


I was going to make a big write-up of my recent MMO excursions but I’ll just post here since ESO is where I would ultimately wind up.

I started back on ESO yesterday. With all the updates since launch, the game feels completely different. One Tamriel seems like a good thing. People running everywhere. Dungeon queues have been rather short so far.

Population seems healthy. Number of Steam players has ranged from 7-12k today. No idea how many use the stand-alone launcher.

I’ll be giving this game a chance for at least a month. Hopefully I’ll stick around this time.


I just made a set of training gear for someone in the Wailing Prison. Maybe I should ask if they want to join our guild. One Tamriel was a great change. I’ve been grinding Group Dungeons easily.


Would you guys recommend this game right now at its current price point? I’m seeing it on steam for $60/$30 for the different versions. I like MMO’s and have played wow many times, but wow has grown old and routine for me where I usually only play the first month of a new expansion.


I’ve been playing for 3 years so I may be a bit biased, but there is a lot to do in this game.

  1. The main quest line
  2. Quest lines for each of the three alliances
  3. Minor interesting side quests
  4. Group Dungeons (normal and vet level)
  5. PvP in Cyrodiil, including attacking keeps and sneaking around ganking/being ganked
  6. Various crafting skills, although most of the best equipment is random gear drops from specific areas.
  7. Many different play styles, with 3 classes and a Magicka or Stamina based setup for each.
  8. Housing coming in February

The last time I checked, I was over 2,500 hours played. Right now, about the only things I haven’t done are trials (want to get a 12 person team to try one) and I haven’t finished the Vet Maelstrom Arena (made it to stage 7 of 9 so far).


I would definitely recommend this game if you are looking for a casual PvE MMO experience. I can’t comment on PvP since I haven’t played in a couple years. I have concerns though because the streams I watch are just a lot of sprinting around and 1 guy destroying 5 people while those 5 can’t kill him.

  • The $30 price gets you access to the base game. You’re free to play all the base content once you pay that entry cost.

  • The $60 price also gets you all the current DLC. I think these cost about $15-20 individually so it’s a pretty good deal if you don’t intend to subscribe.

  • Subscription is optional. However, you do get access to all DLC “for free” if you sub, along with various other perks (XP bonus, unlimited space in your crafting materials bag, bonus cash for the store, etc). So keep that in mind when considering if the sub is worth it. Once you drop the sub, though, you lose access to all DLC which you didn’t purchase.

I’ve checked out several MMOs over the past 2 weeks, including FF14, Wildstar, SWTOR and ESO. I really think Elder Scrolls has the most to offer, especially for just 30 bucks. You get a lot of content at that price.


I subscribe just for the craft bag. If you never plan on crafting, its not really needed. What they do need to add is more inventory capacity, as the dropped sets count against your limit and when you grind for multiple sets, the bags fill quickly.
Most of those PvP videos are the top players in Best in Slot gear. They spend 8-10 hour a day playing the game, have maximum Champion Points (which raise damage you do, lower damage you take, help skills be less expensive, etc.), and know what the flavor of the month is. Most of the time, I get kills in PvP and get killed. The real fun is finding a group battle to join in on, or hiding somewhere to ambush lone travelers (or get ambushed and turn the tables).
If you sub and drop, you lose access to DLC. The extra $30 to own all the DLC is nice. Wrothgar is the best DLC, the area is large and it has the solo Maelstrom Arena. On Veteran Level, that Arena gives Best in Slot weapons on a random trait/type basis.
My most likely time to be online (PC version, North American Server) is around 7:30 pm-9pm Pacific Time on weekdays except Friday. Might be anytime on a Saturday or Sunday.


I may have to look into this more. Thanks for all the help/advice guys