ESO PC almost 50%

You will still have to buy the game box after the subscription fee is dropped so this might be a good time to grab a copy.


Sans subscription ESO is an amazing game. Certainly worth the buy and wait for the March free to play.

I agree @GuardianX. Plus @Xerosum and his team have been working to revitalize the guild so we will have some good infrastructure ready to receive new and old ESO guildies.

If you still get the first month free I guess you could start immediately. I’m not sure how that works now though.

I will be getting the game somewhere between now and when it goes free.

This price drop is awesome, thanks @Vocino


Awesome @Daddy. I’m looking forward to getting back into it when it goes free. As @GuardianX said, the value proposition does make more sense at the free-to-play price point with a cash shop. It was a good game at its core and the pvp was a lot of fun.

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I’m tempted to pick up a copy for the wife now, as I might be able to get her online occasionally now that there is no mandatory sub come mid March.