ESO Re-Play Through



I’m thinking of going through ESO again on the PC. Would anyone be down to join along in the adventure?

Just started back in TESO

Yeah I would be down, don’t know if I can play enough to keep up with you thought.


You just made my day, I’d totally be down to pace myself off of you. Also, they added controller support for PC. I’ve really been wanting to play this from my couch and the Logitech k360 is just crap that far away from my desk.

When would you wanna start, and what faction?

I also saw that you had a vr 5, I have a vr 1 if that is not too much of a difference if you didn’t want to re-roll again.


Doesn’t matter to me, probably would like to try something different than what we did before though.


I was hopping you would say that, are you free today?


Working, I would be available around 8pm CST


Good to go, so see ya around 8:30 tonight on Mumble?


Yeah, do you have the expansions at all? Not sure how many of them there are but I don’t have them.


Hmmmmmm. . . . . . . .


Do it @Wayward we need to get enough people to have Strats only dungeon groups


Well, if you’re talking about small increments of time and all of us sticking together I might be up for that.


Yeah I have too many responsibilities to play a ton and I have already played solo. I would prefer to run around and do the quests as a group.


Brave souls in this thread.


What class are you guys going to choose? I would kind of like to go the healer route this time. I think it would be best if we have all roles covered so we can avoid pugs as much as possible. What do you guys think?

@Wheatception you actually have me excited for this now lol.

A little love from one Dave to another


I can tank if needed.
Just let me know


:musical_score: These are all the Daves I know, Daves I know, Daves I know :musical_note:

I do have all of the expansions, been subed since the start. My crafter also has the glass motif.

I’ve never played as a Dragon Knight or a Templar so I’d like to pick either of those two.
I say we should re roll on Daggerfall or Ebonheart.
@Wayward tonight @ 8:30 CST


I might have to sub again to get them then. I am thinking im going with a sorc healer



it was my original loyalty before I joined strats.


Sounds good to me, and like @Biff_Tannen said, I too am not lookin to rush through. I just want to get the story down with a good group.


After we are done with ESO we should do this with The Old Republic too. I’ve been wanting to get back into that game.