[ESO] Spellcrafting!



Some of you may have already heard about the Spellcrafting that will eventually be making it’s way into ESO, but it was new discovery for me and it’s got me pretty excited about the direction the game is heading!

So upon completing the Mages Guild Questline, you gain access to the island of Eyevea. Eyevea is a refuge for the Mages Guild, a place of study and experimentation. Now that access to Eyevea has been restored to the Guild, their scholars discover hidden doors all over Tamriel that lead to new and powerful forms of magic which they then organize into, you guessed it, “Schools”. This is the creation of the magical schools we are all familiar with from other Elder Scrolls titles.

So, in order to hunt down these new and mysterious spells you are given the ability to conjure a magical orb that will fly to the nearest magical door (at a pretty quick pace) and reveal the hidden door for you to open.

Once through the door you will find a tablet or a piece of a tablet (What I’ve read so far suggests a completely intact tablet will be fairly uncommon) which has a spell engraved in it. At this point you will perform a sort of “Mini-game” (for lack of a better term) similar to lock picking. You will then make a copy of the tablet into your spellbook using charcoal and paper.

Once you have the spell in your book, the next aspect of Spellcrafting comes into play, the “Focus”.

Now this is where we actually get into the crafting part of Spellcrafting. By choosing one of the six Focuses, you change the spell in a particular way. This is similar to how morphing a spell currently works, but with more options, including the ability to make any of these spells into an Ultimate!

Another awesome part of Spellcrafting is the introduction of the Magical Schools as skill lines. If you were to learn Conjure Familiar from the Conjuration school for instance, you would then gain the Conjuration Skill Line and be able to level it up in the same way that you level the skill lines which are available now.

Also once you craft a spell, it becomes a “Consumable” which can then be traded and sold. The developers have said it will take quite a bit of effort to track down these spells and craft them, so there may be potential for it as source of revenue for ambitious players.

So a lot of good spells, and flexibility coming with Spellcrafting. I’m sure there is quite a bit I left out, so take a look at the announcement video below if you’d like the whole story.


My mage is very eager to see this come out, but they haven’t mentioned it in a while. Then again, they like to spring surprises. Just wondering if it will be this, Dark Brotherhood, new areas, or what as the next big thing to drop.


Well, the last big update was the first phase of the justice system AND the Champion system.
I believe the next big update will include the imperial city, so maybe Spellcrafting will come with the second half of the Justice System.


I had not heard about this and am BEYOND HYPED. This can potentially become a massive end game component as people test builds. I hope there is a cost efficient way to modulize these spells, akin to Path of Exile.

You have no idea what you’re up against anymore in PvP!