ESO Strats guild meeting tonight, 20 April @ 20:00 EST



Tonight, Monday @ 20:00 EST


  • Member promotions
  • The road to 50 members and a Guild Store!
  • PVP updates
  • ESO raid days

@tommy2118, can you update the MOTD in game?

If you’re a Strats regular, stick around for the leadership meeting afterwards.


MOTD Updated!


Thank you sir!


I’ll probably miss the ESO guild meeting tonight. I’m working on a product release scheduled for tomorrow, and it’s monopolizing all my time at the moment. I do hope to be around for anything going on later this week though!


I might be a few minutes late. On my way now but running a bit behind due to work stuff.

  • Member promotions
    None to be had this week.

  • The road to 50 members and a Guild Store!
    We’re working on it! Everyone is going to invite. Let’s try to get it to 50 before the next guild meeting. 7 days.

  • PVP updates
    Sticking to the 7 day campaign. Wednesday is the first PVP raid.

  • ESO raid days
    Wednesday to test, reassess.