ESO Update 4

Update 4 launched today, patch notes here :

Notable changes include:
The max Veteran Rank was changed from 12 to 14
The upper area of Craglorn has been released, this includes :
Dragonstar Arena - A group of 4 players fight 10 waves of enemies in an arena.
New Trial - The Serpent Trial
New Armor Trait “Nirnhoned” - This increases spell resistance from 2.5% - 4.5%

Unlisted Change :
Werewolf Transformation now costs ~450 ultimate, whereas before it cost ~750

Check the notes for plenty more changes.


As someone who doesnt play this anymore but was pissed about something a long time ago, good for them for decreasing the werewolf ulti cost, it was just ridiculous before.

-increased that stats of battle-leveled players by 10%

Does this mean that if you level by PvP your stats are going to be that much larger? Like holy shit, if that is the case literally everyone if going to have to level up a new character through that.

It means low leveled people who join Cyrodil now have higher stats, to balance them versus people at VR14 and VR5 NPCs. They still will lose in a 1v1 situation, but they won’t be totally useless.

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Ah okay, that is good then