Esports Podcast


Would anyone be interested in doing an esports podcast? My main interest is Dota 2 but I also keep up with CS:GO. I think I would like to keep things focused to one or two esports as most people aren’t necessarily interested in Dota + CSGO + league + HOTS + whatever. I’m thinking mainly keeping up with competitive dota to start since that’s what I know best. Let me know if you’re interested!


Completely agree with initial focus. Keep it to one game if you can and be experts in a narrow field.

I can support with graphic work and marketing.


So are you thinking talking about current pro teams and what not? Or are you talking about current state of game, meta, tournies? Or all of the above>


Can’t forget the greatest esport of all time… Starcraft 2!


I’m down to contribute however you think a 5k+ 20 years of experience player can. :slight_smile:


I think the combination of too many different interest and not enough experience is too much here. If anyone is interested in DotA after the 7.00 update I’m happy to help.