eSports: Show me the money



Everyone agrees: eSports is going to be the future of entertainment and it’s going to be enormous. Every day I hear about yet another investment based on the premise that those pesky millennials and their odd media consumption behaviors will finally be seduced.

But where is the money?

I’ve talked in Discord about making some investments in esports—or even shifting from indie game investing to a strong esports position. It looks like this is still really early and loaded with risk though.


When professional players of other sports are investing in esports teams, one would think you should get on the bandwagon.


I’ve been throwing back and forth the idea of building an eSports center. Basically a LAN center more focused on eSports/production/tournaments and what not. But yes…the risk is high right now, but does that mean the most rewarding time?

These guys at eSports Arena seems to be doing well.


There’s something like that in San Jose called AFK Lounge:


How profitable do you think these places are? I can see them being hard to maintain a solid cash flow but I could be wrong. I have been trying to jump into the eSports world for a few years now, waiting on my time to strike.


As the demographic ages, I can see there being a better market. Unfortunately, you are also competing with increasingly sophisticated technology that puts people closer to the games from their own home.


Yea, that’s been a tough situation for a while now. Why would anyone leave their dark basements to go game socially…but I guess that’s where you have to try and separate yourself somehow and have that quirk.

But at the same time, esports is a team “sport” and LANing is fun and all in your house but the experience of not having to lug your whole rig and just hopping over to the center is a plus.