Essential Crafting Materials



I would like to compile a list of crafting mats. that are needed for making high level and quality gear/rations. It will act as a sort of quick reference list on what to add to the guild bank. Grand Masters I would like you to consolidate the information and post it from your respective crafting line. As I still have a few vacant Grand Master positions, if anyone feels like stepping up, this would be a great time. Lets try to get this done by next Tuesday. Thanks.


What I have a tough time getting my hands on is improvement materials

Honing Stones
Dwarven Oil
Grain Solvent
Tempering Alloy


Blacksmithing materials are as follows:

Calcinium Ingot

(Veteran Level 1-3)

Galatite Ingot

(Veteran Level 4-6)

Quicksilver Ingot

(Veteran Level 7-8)

Voidstone Ingot

(Veteran Level 9-10)

Honing Stones are a dime a dozen. (upgrade from white to green)

The rare stuff is, in order of rarity:

Bloodstones for Infused gear.

Sapphires for Divines gear.

Dwarven Oil - Improve quality from Fine to Superior (upgrade from green to blue)

Grain Solvent - Improve quality from Superior to Epic (upgrade from blue to purple)

Tempering Alloy - Improve quality from Epic to Legendary (upgrade from purple to gold)


Yup, these are what I was mentioning in mumble this morning. Basically it’s Blue or greater quality upgrade materials and then Bloodstones & Sapphires for traits.


Provisioning: pretty much any materials you get from the last zones.

Specifically things like:


Fyi :

I have found that any type of animal scrap (leather, hide, iron…etc) provide more high end mats (blue, purple, & yellow) per refine than plant type materials.

Having three points in unraveling helps too.




Agree with Java. Any raw high level material have a chance to yield green, blue, purple, yellow upgrade items of that category, also can yield gemstones for weapons and armor as well. Assuming there 3 points put into chance to drop better mats from refining or deconstructing it can be a good way to gather rare upgrades.


To upgrade each piece of Heavy armor/weapon you need:
2 Honing stone to upgrade 100%
3 Dwarven Oil to upgrade 100%
4 Grain Solvent to upgrade 100%
8 Tempering Alloy to upgrade 100%

Upon leveling up to level 50 blacksmithing I’ve gotten:
414 Honing Stone (this is my current stock even with using these while leveling)
132 Dwarven Oil (didn’t use any)
48 Grain Solvent (didnt use any)
22 Tempering Alloy (didn’t use any)

Most of the tempering alloy and grain solvent have come from hirelings. Some from refining higher level ores, and the rest from deconstructing.

I have 8/8 characters and they are just level 3 mules that get hireling mails for Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Clothier, and Woodworking. I make sure to open the mails on my main character though to get increased chances for better loot. Note: @Sybrine also did the hireling mules and i give her my woodworking and clothier upgrade materials and she gives me the blacksmithing ones so my totals are probably double normal values. We also always traded clothing/woodworking loot for blacksmithing while leveling.


That’s a good system. We should try to pair people up and replicate.


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