EVE Online, and TeamStrats



EVE Online, is a game I have player on and off for years, and am starting to get back into. I would like to see how much interest there is starting a corporation made up of TeamStrats members.

Please think about it and post your ideas.



Count me in! Now which character to reactivate!

Pew Pew


I’ve been looking at EVE, Elite: Dangerous, and Star Citizen. So far, EVE doesn’t look like it will control like the space game I want to play. Users of Elite: Dangerous are reporting broken game mechanics (ie. the universe and mining) and it looks too shallow at this point, though I do like the way it would handle (lack of traditional MMO classes, keeping in mind that this is not an MMO). Finally, Star Citizen just seems too big right now and the release timeline too vague. However, Star Citizen does look like it will be the most fun out of the bunch.

Is it too late to even get into EVE at this point? I’ve heard of mass planetary system blockades and a hostile community.


EVE is not a space flight sim like Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous. Completely different game. The flight mechanics are more about direction than execution. Having said that, it’s a very technical game where velocities, approach, and vector matter. Your directives are very important.

That and the enormous economic game of course.

My concern with getting back into EVE (a game I paid for over 10 or 11 years) is that it is a huge commitment. When I’ve played EVE, I played nothing else.


If you have not played EVE Online it is a space MMO (sand box) you can have 3 characters per account. Each character can be in it’s own corporation. a51hq and I have played the game for years and have a small corporation.

I would like to see if there is already a corporation full of TeamStrats members, or should we start one.


It’s never to late to get into eve although the learning curve is just insane.

Iv played on and of for years and have three character’s mainly because there are so many ways you can go in the game eg mining, exploring, pvp and so on and so on.

Just take note it’s going to take a month at least to get into a ship you wand and to have the skills to fly it properly.

But you can still have fun using smaller ships on your way to greatness.

This video got me hooked.


EVE is always a hostile environment, that is part of the game play. I have alway been a builder and tend to play is saver systems. I have played in 0.0 space and it can also be fun, it is just a totally different game at that point.


I did not realize how old EVE online was till you posted your “Learning Curves”, LOTR Online and POTBS are dead I think.


There’s no Strats corp but for what it’s worth, if you start one please don’t call it “TeamStrats” as that’s not our name.

The best name for the setting should probably Strats & Co. (if those characters are allowed, if not just Strats) with the ticker symbol STCO if available.

EVE Online Corp CLOSED

Last question, would y’all say this would be too frustrating for casual play…like 5 hours a week? Many games I’d like to beat.


That sound like a great name, I will setup the corp as soon as I get on, it is updating on my system.


Pluss if you look at the graphics on the sandbox video. There sooo much better now


I am a very casual eve played, I suck on rocks when I am in long boring collage classes, or have NASCAR on. So yes running missions, mining, and such can be done casuale. PVP take a lot more time and commitment than most people have for one game.


I’m sure once or should I say if you got into the game you would probably play allot more than 5 hours a week. When I first started I played for a month and didnt come back for about 6 months.

Its allot easier if you get into a group I’m pretty sure the ones who start alone never stick to it.

But you character is always training as long as you have set up a skill queue set. We had some old friend that would stay subscribed when they were deployed and when they get back could fly new ships/guns and so on.

Im rubbish at fitting ship but the game has advanced allot since I started and this information on ships and what you need to fly them is way easier to read and understand.


Here’s the thing about EVE (again, I’m a 10+ year vet):

  • All of it is casual in that you have a lot of sort of downtime.
  • All of it is hardcore because you have to be thinking and working on the meta game 24/7 if you want to actually accomplish anything.

There’s really 2 games being played at once. The first is a HORRIBLE GOD AWFUL TERRIBAD game in hisec space where you mine rocks and watch bars. This can be done by anyone.

The second is living in the war in nullsec (lawless) space. To do this you need to either be part of a large alliance or work almost 24/7 playing ONLY EVE and the meta game to build up a large self-sustaining corp.


Shuuuu you’ll scare them off. But no that’s spot on :smile:

I remember running mission for weeks trying to get the corp standing up so we could get a high sec POS (Player Owned Structure).


I think as we get the team going it will grow it to it’s own. If any one is looking to jump in to 0.0, we can get them an invitation.


@Vocino that does sound scary, but the more I watch on it the more I want to try it.

POS, so is this like housing or a guild hall type of thing?


they look like this

and you can anchor modules next to them in the forcefield eg Sciences labs and ship construction bays. and run and hide under the Forcefield if you need to :smile:


a POS is a personal owned station, it is more of a outpost you can set up for operations outside of a space station. We use them in system without a space station to work out of.