EVE Online Corp CLOSED



Strats (SRATS) is now closed the name is now available on EVE Online and you are able to use any Ticker.


http://www.eve-search.com/thread/1440448/page/1 :’(

WTF is a “SRATS” heh

Is the corp name actually “Is Strats” or is that a typo?


Street Rats. Aladdin style.


Sorry typo It is just Strats


I never really got into EVE… should I?


Yes you should!


Dde, SRATS s te httest ting ging rght nw.


Are you on the plane? Turbulence?


No, it was reference to this:


The best name for the setting should probably Strats & Co. (if those characters are allowed, if not just Strats) with the ticker symbol STCO if available.

It seems that this game already is going to be a steep climb. I’m not sure S Rats is the best thing for the Ticker.

Maybe consider making a new Corp while it is still easy?


Unfortunately, everything in EVE takes a long time. At this point he would have to disband the corp which has a long time period attached to it. However, I’m not sure that would free up the name “Strats” in order to set a new ticker. That name might be gone forever.

My advice via PM before this started was to make a post and get ideas for a ticker symbol.

We’re not off to a good sart.


Making a new corp is easy. Its the name thats the problem. “Strats” is now taken I have petitioned it to see if we can get it deleted.

Sorry it went so wrong…


Maybe StratsCo if Strats is lost forever…

It might sound dramatic, but even the small details can have a large effect later. (Ripples in a pond concept.)



Purposeful leadership is key. No one wants to join something that’s been thrown together. We want to feel like you’ve made deliberate and specific decisions about the brand you’re wanting us to get behind and follow you into battle with.

Like @tommy2118 said, it may sound dramatic but there’s something to it.

Why is it SRATS? What does that mean? How does that connect to the brand and who we are in the EVE universe?

Perhaps if you came up with a story around that, it would work (although ironically not really if the primary name is still “Strats”).


Actually looking at it that makes sense. Well see how it goes I hope the story doesn’t end up this story.


Hi All,

From reading the post it looks like there is some interest in playing EVE Online.

I am glad to see that we have some experienced players, and some players that are looking to get in the game and try it.

Due to the fact that Strats.co does not already have a corporation a51hq and I are setting up a new corporation. A51hq and I have a corporation in eve called JOAT Industries. We started the corporation in 2011 to build ship and make ISK, (ISK is one of the currency in the game). Only members of teamstrats will be allowed to join the corporation.

I left the game due to ESO coming out and could not afford to pay for both. Now that ESO is free to play I am getting back in to EVE. I like how TeamStrats supports its members and believe this will make for an excellent eve corporation.

I have two characters I play in eve,

Clytemnestra06 started playing eve, in November 2006, Is a Minmatar ship builder
Kong Fuzi started after Cly and is a mining specialist.

My Idea is to run mission as a group, helping new corporation members get used to the game. As we grow we will look at supporting not only the corp but its team members. In the past I have been in corp’s that could replace ships up to a point and help members stay in the fight.


Thank you, a51hq it looks good.


I guess my confusion with the subject is the fact that this conversation (and solution) was brought up just a day prior to this, and it was like everything was disregarded.



It’s a moot point for me because I’ve sworn off eve for life. A decade of subscription fees is enough for me.


Nothing was disregarded Strats & Co cant be used Strats is what was chosen as suggested. The ticker STCO was taken so was STRAT and so was allot of other variations the closest I could get was SRAT.

Hopefully I can get the corp deleted and wash my hands of this.