Ever wanted to add an inch to your stick?

KontrolFreek pads and extenders for gamepad analog sticks.

Saw these advertised on an Advanced Warfare stream this morning. Are these legit? I understand the theory behind it, just curious if anyone has installed some and seen actual improvement in their gaming.


I had some friends that used them in halo. Everyone who has bought them that I know loves them. There is a big learning curve though.

Based on @spectrum21’s advise, I got a set of something similar as a reward from Gamestop a few years ago. I did not see any real improvement, however I was not playing very often at the time. I actually just gave them to @teejay1955, so he might have better insight.

I’ve always been curious about analog stick attachments. Do they really give you that much control? Also the more important question, how durable is the rubber? Not going to lie, some of us have sweaty hands.

Your right I always slip off my thumb sticks. I would like a new texture.

Not even going to lie…the title of this thread brought me here. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t play much on consoles, and usually when I do it’s all single player so I don’t have to much of a problem with the Joysticks. You know I feel like the original Playstation 2 dualshock controller didn’t really have that issue, is it just me? Have they made Joysticks more slippery? Or are we just more intense players as the times change?

Even when the game isn’t intense my mitts are getting slippery… Anyway. If anyone decides to try some of these sticks or similar products please report back. I’d give them a shot if it’s not a pain in the ass to detach them

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I used to have some of these on my PS3, I really did enjoy them, they were great if you needed better accuracy, say like with a sniper rifle in COD, it gave you lot more distance to push.

After talking with @macguyver he told me he put the xbone thumbsticks on his DS4, and really likes it, so I decided to do the same. I just received my thumbsticks yesterday, I might try to install them this weekend sometime. He said the thumbstick is more concave than those on the DS4, and the edges have a rough finish to help keep your thumbs more secure in the socket.

The ones I used to have weren’t hard at all to attach and detach. Just snapped on and off.

I’ve been using them for over 3 years on both xbox 360 and xbox one. i swear by them. they just snap right on and off very easily.

right now i have Phantoms on my xbox one controller. i can’t remember which ones i had on xbox 360 though. been looking at possibly getting a scuf controller, which i would then get custom sticks that are longer and would eliminate my need for the kontrol freeks.

I saw someone use a Scuf Xbox One controller. It had the control disc on the Dpad and some extended thumbsticks, it looked pretty nice. But good god the price. Maybe I’ll give the Phantoms a try, thanks for the feedback.

The set that Tommy gave me are working out fine. With my old hands I needed the extra height and they provide additional stability. The extenders also help correct my directional coordination so I’m giving them a thumbs up! Thanks Tommy2118!