Every Monday: Join up for Mystery Heroes in Overwatch



How to join

  • Check the calendar for timing

  • Jump in Discord and join the Overwatch voip channel: https://discord.gg/TmAGMuN

  • Ping the @overwatch tag in Discord to alert the masses (add yourself with ?rank overwatch)

Get loot!

Stratswatch Mystery Hero Mondays - September 10 (Now with RSVP!)

About Mystery Heroes

In Mystery Heroes, players cannot select their own hero.

  • The “Assemble Your Team” section is skipped upon starting a game.

  • Players will be assigned a random hero upon entering a game and every time they respawn, with their ultimate meter being reset. A player cannot respawn as the same hero they were when they died.

  • An exception to this is when a player kills themselves. They will respawn as the same hero, but any buildable objects on the map will disappear and their ultimate meter will still be reset.

  • Because of the randomly-assigned hero mechanic, hero stacking is allowed.

Otherwise, Mystery Heroes matches play identically to standard Quick Play matches; it means other rules and objectives of the game follows the map in play.