Every PC Game showcased at E3


I found a nice compilation of videos of all the PC games shown at E3. I’m still going through the list and i’m only about halfway through, but so far nothing has jumped out at me. Let’s discuss!


edit: I guess I should’ve just added this to the already established E3 megathread. If I should’ve, can someone with more power than me delete this post or move it or something? Thanks.


I’m really looking at the game abzu. I really love flower and journey was an interesting looking game but I just never purchased it.

Need to look more to your list.


Interesting; for those that never picked up South Park The Stick of Truth, you get it for free if you preorder the new game.


I was really hoping for something from Astroneer. I am so ready for that game.

I’ll probably pick up Forza Horizon 3, Dishonored 2, and Gears of War 4 for Xbox One.

As for PC I’ll most def. be getting Civ, and BF1

Though I don’t own a PS4 I am exciting to see what Kojima does now that he’s completely in conrol. Death Stranding should be interesting to say the least.


That makes one of us; I’ll be waiting until it releases given the hell that was Civ5’s multiplayer for a long while and the resounding “meh” Beyond Earth was :wink:


Man I don’t even know where I would have the time to play Stick of Truth let alone two South Park RPGs. That’s a pretty insane deal none the less


Considering the game still retails for $30 you’re not wrong. The offer will still stand after release until sometime in March 2017 (per Ubisoft’s website, 31 March 2017).

This is the true irony of this offer though:


Understandable. I skipped out on Beyond Earth for the most part, only recently got it via a humble bundle pack. As for Civ 5 I never did have that many problems from it, though I only played with 1-2 other people at a time, sometimes even on a local network.

Though I have to say it is tempting to wait it out a bit just so you get the extra content for cheaper and they work out the flaws.


Release Civ 5 was brutally bad multiplayer (and even now it’s not perfect), especially over the Internet and in larger groups. I remember a fair few games that ended prematurely because 2-3 people would simultaneously get kicked; we’d reload the save file from a couple turns before and shortly afterwards similar shenanigans would happen, or we wouldn’t be able to get folks back on the right country, or they wouldn’t be able to join at all because they weren’t recognized as the same player. This was still happening (though less often) a year and more after release. I love the game and want the franchise to do well, but they have the burden of proof at this point to show a functional multiplayer at release, insofar as I’m concerned :wink:


Absolver looks pretty amazing, I can only hope it has tekken style combat. I’d be very happy if it was like Final Fantasy where you met ppl and then if you went into combat with them, it became Tekken.


The question is does Ark actually have a story now? What is the deal with that thing on your arm?