Evolve Big Alpha weekend

For anyone interested, Evolve is hosting their Big Alpha this weekend. Starts on XB1 tomorrow, PC & PS4 on Friday, and ends Sunday night.

I’m posting this in the Giveaways section because it looks like I am receiving codes for each time I signed up on my one email account. I just received a total of four (4) (edit: six (6) while writing this) codes for PC version. PS4 codes should be sent tomorrow and if similar results occur I might receive another 3-4+ codes for that system.

I will likely keep one code for myself for each system (if I receive PS4) to compare how the game runs. All other codes are available to anyone interested.

Steam account is required for PC version.

Reply here and I’ll hook you up tomorrow.

Edit - So far I have received a total of 7 PC codes and 3 PS4 codes. I’ve already used 1 PC code for myself since I had so many. Really thought I spammed PS4 a lot more than that so I might receive more later today.

Is no one interested in these, or did everyone sign up already?


I’d love to get down and dirty with yall, but the wedding is Saturday and I don’t think I’ll even have time to check Strats on my phone until Tuesday after this morning.

Let the craziness ensue!


I would love to be able to play with you guys! I have PS4 and PC that I can play on :smiley:

Also dont have a code for either :confused: