Evolve category color

Continuing the discussion from Thrill of the Hunt with Evolve:

Compared with a button from the official site:

They are exactly the same hex color. I think it looks brighter because it’s on white.

Doesn’t hurt as much when there’s more of it. Should we still darken it some? I guess Hardware tag already has that nicer dark red and we don’t want to mix it up too much with that.

I’m open to change it (or other categories to suit).

What if we swapped the colors? Black background with red letters?

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Ok, trying that.

I’m good with Black background, red letters. The only category close to that is GTA with Black background, orange letters.

The main reason I picked black on red was because the GTA one would look so similar. I sampled some Evole marketing stuff and translated the RGB to a Hex color. (Tried to do the same for borderlands…)

Looks badass.