Evolve...meh. pass

Some of you might know, but, I am not looking foward to Evolve at all. At first I was thinking about getting it. The game does look tense, but, to me it just lacks content. Only 3 monsters to start off with? Pfftt. Monster Hunter 4 is going to have way more monsters to hunt. What gets me about this game is that there will be more than 100 dollars of DLC. 4-5 monsters coming out at 15 dollars each? That alone is going to be more than 60 bones. 25 bucks for 4 hunters? Yeck. I know that if you dont have the DLC you can still play with/against people that dont, but damn. Its another case of the developers/publisher not having respect for the people that buy the damn game and treating people like endless wallets. When you have enough DLC to create a big expansion, JUST MAKE AN EXPANSION! Jeez. This game should have just been free to play, with only monster and hunter class open for people at first and then charge people later. Killer Instinct on the xbox one is a good example of that, and even charges less ((20 bucks for like 6 fighters for each ‘season’)) for its DLC. Im voting with my wallet on this one and just skipping it. Sorry for the long post as well. :frowning: