Evolve Night plus free new skins!



Reminder Evolve night tonight at 9pm EST if you can make it.

Also I received the following from @Nubhugs:

If the Evolve Community wins over 35,000 games online
between Thursday, March 19 at 9:00pm PT and Sunday, March 22 at 9:00pm
PT while Griff the Trapper is in the team then everyone who plays will
get St.Patrick’s Day skins.

If the community manages to hit the target, all who take part will
get the skins by March 31, regardless of whether they themselves played
as Griff. There is even supposed be a green Daisy skin!


Ontop of this, today Evolve announced that the new Monster and Hunters are coming on March 31st.


Here’s a quick rundown of the new Hunters that are coming:

Torvald (Assault) will have back-mounted Mortar Cannons, Shrapnel Grenades to create weakpoints and an Auto shotgun.

Crow (Trapper) will use a pet bird to track the Monster, a Stasis gun with rapid-fire and a charge shot and a Kinetic Long Rifle with a rapid or a charge shot as well.

Slim (Medic) uses a Leech Gun to sap from the Monster, making his Healing Burst ability recharge faster. He also uses Healing drones that heal as long as the target isn’t under attack. Finally, a Spore Cloud launcher that disables Monster smell abilities.

Sunny (Support) drops drones to shields teammates and takes hits for them. A Jetpack Booster that speeds up Jetpack recharge and depletion. Her weapon is some kind of Mininuke grenade launcher.


That sounds amazing!


These new releases are coming at a good time because it seems Evolve has died down in the media and on Twitch. Slim and Sunny seem like neat additions to the game with some interesting mechanics.